Jackson School District Summer Assignments


    Summer Assignments written on an easel in the sane

    ALL Summer 2024 Assignments are OPTIONAL

    (with the exception of AP Courses).

    The summer assignments listed on our site can be used for skill practice and reinforcement of learning in order to keep students on track. However, if a student needs a break from schoolwork, we encourage them to take that break. Work that is not done will NOT count against a student.

    NOTE: If you see a note or remark in an assignment that references it being due when students return, it may be an assignment that was published for a prior year. For the Summer of 2024 - unless it is an AP assignment - ALL work is RECOMMENDED but OPTIONAL.

    The Purpose of Summer Student Assignments

    “Summer slide” is a phrase often used in research to explain the importance of students continuing to keep their brains engaged in learning.  If students do not continue to engage in learning, they can fall behind their peers, causing large gaps in achievement. Youths lose about two months of grade-level equivalency in reading and mathematical computation skills over the summer months (Cooper, Nye, Charlton, & Greathouse, 1996).

    The Jackson School District encourages students to engage their brains and to continue to practice their skills over the summer through reading, writing and practicing math skills.  We also encourage students to learn through other virtual experiences (e.g. newsela, museums, free online resources). Our goal is to encourage students to keep learning, while also appreciating the value of students spending time with their families, working, resting, and exploring things that interest them over the summer.

    Advanced Placement (AP) High School Courses

    Advanced Placement courses are rigorous and high-level courses that require students to have a baseline knowledge of content.  The information shared for these courses is to assist students in meeting with success by ensuring they have the expected skills required for the advanced placement course.  Important skills and knowledge to know before beginning the AP course in September is provided by each teacher. Summer assignments are intended to assist students in preparing for their advanced placement courses by learning more about the topic.