Substitute Teacher or Substitute Paraprofessional Positions

The Process: How to Become a Substitute in the Jackson School District

  • Overview of the Substitute Hiring Process

    1. All candidates for substitute positions MUST apply through Frontline Recruiting and Hiring
    2. School administrators will review applicants as they come into our system and will contact candidates directly if they want to bring them in for an interview.
    3. Candidates will then either be recommended for hiring
    4. After the interview, if the candidate is being recommended for hiring, the Human Resources office will contact the recommended candidate to:
      • Confirm credentials of the candidate (see below)
      • Make an official job offer (including pay rate)
      • Start the onboarding process
    5. HR will then place the candidate on the next available board agenda for Board of Education approval.

Credentials and Training You Will Need to Be Hired as a Substitute

  • What Credentials Do You Need

    Substitute Teacher and/or Substitute Paraprofessional: 

    • Successful Fingerprint/Background Check (this is done after HR contacts you directly)

    Substitute Teachers:

    • Minimum requirement is Ocean County Substitute Teaching Certificate - See NJ DOE Page for Process (requires 60 college credits or 30 college credits if currently enrolled in college)
    • Pay increases if you have BA degree or higher

    Substitute Paraprofessional: 

    • Minimum requirement is High School Diploma 
    • Pay rate increases if you have 60 college credits

    Substitute Teacher Training That Must Be Completed 

    AFTER a candidate is approved by the Board of Education, the following steps must be completed before you work in a classroom:

    1. All newly approved Substitutes shall be paid for one full day of pre-service training that will include the successful completion of three online training courses delivered via Frontline:
    • Substitute Teaching 101 - Part 1 (2 hours)
    • Substitute Teaching 101 - Part 2 (3 hours)
    • Substitute Teaching 101 Part 3 (3 hours)

    The online training can be completed by Substitutes at their own pace. However, Substitutes MUST COMPLETE the online training component with a score of 80% or higher on the Final Exam administered at the conclusion of Part 3. All Substitutes who successfully complete the online training will be paid for one full day.

Substitute Per-Diem Pay Rates

  • Rate of Pay is based on education and certification:

    Per-Diem Pay Rates for Substitutes for 2022-2023

    Daily Substitute Teacher - with County Sub Certificate (60 Credits or AA)

    • $130

    Daily Substitute Teacher - County Sub Certificate (BA or MA)

    • $150

    Daily Substitute Teacher - NJ Certified (CE, CEAS, STANDARD)

    • $170

    Opportunities may arise for CE/CEAS and Standard certificate holders to do long-term Leave Of Absence coverage.

    Long Term Substitute (LTS) Teacher - NJ Certified 8 Weeks Or More Advanced Notice (Reports 5 days per week)

    • $225

    Per-Diem Paraprofessional Substitute Rates for 2022 - 2023

    Substitute Paraprofessional - Instructional Assistant (with HS Diploma)

    • $110

    Substitute Paraprofessional - Instructional Assistant (with 60 credits)

    • $130

Substitute Teacher and Paraprofessional Work Day

  • All Substitute Teachers and Substitute Paraprofessionals are obligated to work seven (7) hours per day according to the following schedule:


    Jackson Memorial and Jackson Liberty: 7:00 AM - 2:00 PM


    Goetz and McAuliffe: 7:45 AM - 2:45 PM


    Crawford-Rodriguez, Elms, Holman, Johnson, Rosenauer 8:40 AM - 3:40 PM