Parent Information

  • • There is a certified school nurse assigned to every Health Office during regular school hours.

    •  Students should report to the Health Office for any medical problem or when prescribed medication must be dispensed.

      • Medication - both prescribed and over-the-counter - requires a doctor's written order and parental permission in order to be dispensed in school.
      • Contact the school nurse for specific medication permission forms and to advise the school nurse if your student is receiving any medication at home. 

    •  Should your student require the use of crutches due to an injury or illness, a physician's clearance note must be provided to the school nurse. 

    •  The school nurse cannot diagnose or treat injuries that occur outside of school. Referrals will be made if the school nurse determines this action appropriate. 

    •  Parents should notify the school nurse if their child has been diagnosed with any chronic health problem or life-threatening allergic condition. 

When to Stay Home

  • thermometer


    • Students should remain at home if they appear ill and parents/guardians should notify the Health Office about specific medical problems.
    • All contagious childhood illnesses (e.g. Chicken Pox, Fifth Disease, Scarlet Fever) are to be reported to the school nurse immediately. In some cases a physician's clearance may be necessary prior to the child returning to school.
    • We consider fever to be present in a child whose temperature is above 100.5 degrees orally. All febrile children should be kept home from school until the child is fever-free for 24 hours without the use of fever-reducing medication. 

Common Medical Forms