Non-Public Transportation Information

  • The law (NJ 18A:39-1.8) requires all public school districts to offer either transportation or what is known as “Aid in Lieu of Transportation’’ to students who attend a non-profit school within 2 to 20 miles (for elementary and middle schools) or 2.5 to 20 miles (for high schools) from their Jackson home. The student must meet the age requirement of their resident district and be enrolled in grades kindergarten through 12 in their non-public school.

    We accomplish this in a number of ways, including:
    • Utilizing district buses and drivers to accomplish these bus routes;
    • Contracting out the routes to a private contractor or educational services commission; or
    • Entering into a jointure with another district to have its resident students join another bus run being managed by another district.

    If the options above cannot be accomplished within the specific cost established each year by the Department of Education ($1,022 per student), then the district must offer the students “Aid in Lieu” of transportation (AIL).

    • Maximum amount is $1,165 per student (new amount set by state of New Jersey)
    • Parents receive AIL only if students are eligible for transportation and the district is unable to provide it another way for the state-designated amount.
    • AIL is simply an alternate way of providing the transportation itself. Therefore, if students are not eligible for one, they are not eligible for the other.

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B6T Questions? Contact Us

  • If you have questions or inquiries about B6T forms, please email
    Please allow the District until February 28, 2022, to receive your AIL check.
    If you have not received an AIL check and you have submitted a B7T (new form, see announcemet on this page) for each of your AIL-eligible students, please contact the District using the email address above. Please include the student's name, school, address, and parent contact information. One of our staff members will be happy to assist.

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