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    Over the years, we have found that we often get asked the same questions by our fellow residents.

    On this page, please see the answers to some of them!

  • Can I ask questions at a board of education meeting?

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    YES! We strongly encourage public participation! Each board meeting features at least two opportunities for public comment. Typically, the first opportunity is reserved to issues related to the agenda being voted on that evening. Then, a second session will open up during which you can bring any matter to the board's attention.

    FYI, we do ask that you refrain from discussing sensitive matters related to specific individuals. We have an obligation to preserve the privacy of our students and staff.

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  • What's the difference between a "Committee of the Whole'' meeting and a "Business Meeting"?

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    The Board of Education holds two meetings each month.

    The “Committee of the Whole’’ meetings feature a review of the month’s agenda, discussion among board members about various issues, informational presentations by administrators and a public forum for residents to be heard. They do not typically feature formal action by the board, but the board reserves the right to advertise the meeting as one in which action may be taken if necessary.

    The "Business'' meetings are meetings during which the board takes action on most items that have been reviewed and/or discussed during the previous week's Committee of the Whole meeting. These meetings also typically feature recognitions of students or community members.

    See the BOE Meeting Schedule page for more information.


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