How to Make an Appointment to Register Your Child for Grades 1-12

How to Register Your Child for Grades 1-12

If You Cannot Register Online...

  • Complete Paper Forms

    We encourage all registrants to use the online registration form. If you cannot complete this registration form online for some reason, you can:

    • Visit the Registration Forms Page and download, print and complete all of the forms.
    • Please be sure to print clearly.
    • Bring the completed forms and proofs of residency to your registration appointment.

News and Announcements

School Registrars

  • Crawford-Rodriguez Elementary

    Cheryl Greenway, 732-833-4690, ext. 6580

    Elms Elementary

    Kathryn Fertal - 732-833-4680, ext. 3522

    Holman Elementary

    Lynn Goldblatt - 732-833-4620, ext. 5132

    Johnson Elementary

    Nicole McHale - 732-833-4640, ext. 6126

    Rosenauer Elementary

    Mireya Espinosa, 732-833-4630, ext. 2122

    Switlik Elementary

    Noreen Lagano - 732-833-4650, ext. 4136

    Goetz Middle School

    Colleen Sabatini - 732-833-4610, ext. 3186

    McAuliffe Middle School

    Louise Loiacono - 732-833-4701, ext. 4727

    Jackson Liberty High School

    Susan Bittner - 732-415-7002

    Jackson Memorial High School

    Susan Bittner - 732-833-4626

    Spanish-Speaking Registration Appointments

    JMHS, Goetz, Elms, Johnson, and Administration Building

    Lucy Gonzalez - 732-833-4670, ext. 4621

    JLHS and McAuliffe

    Kelly Hobbs - 732-833-4700, ext. 7231

    Rosenauer, Switlik, Crawford-Rodriguez, Holman

    Mireya Espinosa, 732-833-4630, ext. 2122