Jan. 6, 2021 Reorganization Meeting

  • The district is holding the Jan. 6, 2021 Reorganization meeting in an online video conferencing format. Our goal is to have opportunities for the public to view and participate in the meeting, as is their right under the Open Public Meetings Act. This is a temporary method we can use while social distancing requirements are in place for our safety. 

    The public meeting begins at 6:30 p.m.  The public can VIEW the board meeting in two ways:

Public Forums During Meeting

  • During this meeting there will be a public forum during which you may ask a question about a district issue.

    To ask a question, please follow the directions on the right side of this page.

How the Public Can Participate

  • To ensure your question is received in time, please:

    • Send them in advance, especially if you are emailing your question in. This is very important for us to ensure we can get everyone's questions in. Please put BOE Meeting Question in your subject line;
    • Include your name and address in all correspondence, just like you would do if you were attending the meeting in person.

    The public can participate in the following ways:

    EMAIL: jsd@jacksonsd.org. If possible, please send in your email prior to the public forum portion of the meeting so we can gather the questions so we have it on hand when the public forum opens. You can also send it during the public forum. A district representative will read your question during the meeting. You must give your name and address in the email.

    CALL: (732) 833-4601. Please call in after 6 p.m. and prior to the end of the public forum. A staff member will take your number so we can call you back and patch you into the board meeting during the public forum so you can be heard. You must give your name and address when you call.