Student Supplies

  • What to Send: (Everything must be labeled)

    1. Backpack - large enough for lunch box and folder 
      1. Mini backpacks are cute but not functional. If the red folder, water bottle, and lunch box do not fit comfortably inside it is too small.
      2. In preschool, children need to build their independence and self-help skills. If they cannot fit their supplies in their bag it can be frustrating.
    2. 2 Changes of Clothing - for accidents or spills (to be kept at school)
      1. If your child is still toilet training we will need a package of wipes and an entire sleeve of pull-ups (a handful of pull-ups is not enough).
    3. Fitted Crib Sheet & Blanket or Sleeping Bag that must be small enough to fit inside a drawstring backpack - for rest time (if you choose to send in a fitted crib sheet, keep in mind that it needs to be large enough for a small cot. Bassinet or pack-n-play sheets will not fit)
      • If you send in a sleeping bag, please do not send in any other blankets or pillows!
      • Your preschooler needs either a sleeping bag or a fitted crib sheet with blanket
    4. Lunch & Snack (for pm snack time) - please notify us in advance if your child will be ordering school lunch (either through the messaging application, email, or written letter before the school day begins. If I am not notified in advance and your child does not bring in a lunch, one will be ordered for them at the start of the day).
      1. Lunches should be healthy and enough to keep them full until snack time
      2. Snack time is a separate meal from lunch. Children need snacks to eat with their lunch and something separate for snack time.
      3. Candy is not permitted
      4. Hotdogs and Chicken with Bones are choking hazards in preschool and cannot be served. If your child brings in one of these items, preschool policy is to order them a hot lunch and charge it to their account.
      5. In preschool, hot lunches are ordered first thing in the morning since they do not eat lunch in the cafeteria. Requesting lunch changes or hot lunches must happen before school.
    5. Water Bottle - please ensure it is large enough to last the whole day. Water bottles should contain water. Sugary drinks, such as juice boxes, are only suitable for lunch time.
    6. Student ID - this is used for busing and ordering school lunches. The ID must come to school every day
    7. Red Folder - the student's folder is provided by the school and must come with them every day.


    Sunscreen Policy - sunscreen and bug spray must be applied at home, we are not permitted to have it or apply it in school.

    Medication - needs to go directly to the nurse and must contain a doctor's note. Medication cannot come to school with the child, a guardian must bring it in.