• Hours of Availability:

    If you need to get in touch, I am available through email, phone, or the Teaching Gold Strategies Messaging Application. The teaching gold family application is the preferred means of communication. Please keep in mind when the children are in the classroom, I will not be checking messages. If you reach out to me during these hours, I will get back to you either after school or, if time permits, during my prep. If you need anything urgently, please call the front office. Thank you!

    • 8:30-8:50am
    • 1:00-1:20pm
    • 3:15-3:35pm
  • Teaching Strategies Family Application

    How to use:

    1. First - get the invitation link from your teacher
    2. Second - download the application from google play or the apple app store
    3. Third - use the link to create your account
    4. Fourth - Explore the resources on the application: messaging directly with your teacher, educational/interactive books, activities from your teacher