• Google for Education

    Curriculum Resource Center - Provides a library of printable teacher-handout material for the middle, high school, and junior college curriculum.  This resource is part of a subscription-fee database.  Accessing this database off of the district server will require log-in information.  See Mrs. Silagy for details.

    Discovery Education Streaming Video - A collection of over 9,000 videos that are ready to be downloaded for classroom use. The website is accessed via: google.discoveryeducation.com If you are already logged in to your JMHS gmail account in another tab, you will be taken right into the site. If you are not logged in to your JMHS gmail account, you will be prompted to do so. You will then be able to access the site.

    PBS Videos


    Crash Course on Youtube - Brothers Hank and John Green (yes, the author of The Fault in Our Stars) have created engaging videos on a range of subjects with the philosophy that learning should be fun.  Light-hearted and irreverant at times but never offensive and always informative.

    60 Second Recap on Youtube - Short videos related to English and literature. From book/play summaries (i.e. Great Gatsby, every Shakespeare play) to how to write a thesis statement, if you want to show your students a quick snippet to get them started on a topic or help them understand the plot of a book you will most likely find it on this Youtube channel.

    New York Times Learning Network - Fresh classroom resources — from lesson plans and writing prompts to news quizzes, student contests and more — all based on the articles, essays, photos, videos and graphics published on NYTimes.com.