• During the time our schools are closed for COVID-19, the staff of the Jackson School District is still here for you!

    The best and fastest way to reach us is through email.

    Please see email list at the bottom of this page.

    Or, see teacher email addresses on their class pages on each school's website.

    MANY of your general questions about what is happening during our closure can be found on our COVID-19 Page.

    If you need to speak to someone immediately by phone, please see the phone list below. This our remote telephone contact list during the school closure only.

    Crawford-Rodriguez Elementary 732-489-7048
    Elms Elementary School 848-525-4582
    Holman Elementary School 732-489-7048
    Johnson Elementary School 848-525-4582
    Rosenauer Elementary School 732-684-0861
    Switlik Elementary School 848-525-4582
    Goetz Middle School 732-489-6929
    McAuliffe Middle School 732-489-6929
    Jackson Liberty High School 732-489-7043
    Jackson Memorial High School 732-489-7043
    Business Office, Board of Education Secretary, Accounts Payable, Payroll 732-489-7077
    Communications Office 732-620-3309
    Community Services, Community School, Child Care 732-620-3309
    Director of Curriculum 732-598-1470
    Guidance Department 732-489-7043
    Human Resources Department 848-525-4311
    Food Service Department 732-489-7253
    General District Information 732-620-3309
    Security Department 732-489-6879
    Special Education Department See Below
    Superintendent's Office 848-525-4311

    Technology Support

    (Parents and Students, please use Techsupport@jacksonsd.org email first)

    Transportation Department 732-489-3108

    For the Special Education Department:

    Your first contact about any IEP related matters should be to your child’s case manager via email. 

    If you have another Special Education related matter, call 732-684-6312. 

    Email List of District Contacts

    Central Office Email Addresses

    Dr. Stephen Genco

    Superintendent of Schools

    Daniel Baginski

    Assistant Superintendent of Schools

    HR & Operations

    Nicole Pormilli

    Assistant Superintendent of Schools

    Curriculum & Instruction

    Michelle Richardson

    Business Administrator/

    Board of Education Secretary

    Sandy Patterson

    Assistant Business Administrator

    John Griffiths

    Transportation Director

    Allison Erwin

    Coordinator of Communications & Technology

    District Email Addresses

    Edward Ostroff

    Director of Buildings and Grounds

    Theresa Licitra

    Director of Curriculum – Humanities

    Robert Rotante

    Director of Curriculum – STEM

    (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math)

    Joseph Immordino

    Director of Food Services

    Kurt Holtz

    Director of Guidance

    Raymond Milewski

    Director of Security and Attendance Officer

    Dr. Teresa Herrero Taylor

    Director of Special Education, Homeless Liaison

    Robert Paneque

    Supervisor of Athletics

    Lincoln Mahabir

    Supervisor of Business & Educational Technology

    Lisa Koch

    Supervisor of Grants, Federal Programs & Math

    Dr. Lisa Lane

    Supervisor of Literacy, Pre-K - 5

    Lisa DiEugenio

    Supervisor of Literacy, 6-12

    Tina Topoleski

    Supervisor of Science

    Jennifer Carney

    Supervisor of Special Education

    Tracy Decker

    Supervisor of Special Education

    School Email Addresses

    Geoffrey Brignola

    Principal, Jackson Liberty High School

     David Bender

    Assistant Principal, JLHS (N-Z)

     Kyle Brunson

    Assistant Principal, JLHS (A-G)

    Mark Lax

    Assistant Principal, JLHS (H-M)

    Kevin DiEugenio

    Principal, Jackson Memorial High School

    Daniel McDevitt

    Assistant Principal, JMHS (P-Z)

    Heather Novak

    Assistant Principal, JMHS (A-G)

    Thomas Tarver

    Assistant Principal, JMHS (H-O)

    Carl Perino

    Carl W. Goetz Middle School

    Al Aires

    Assistant Principal
    Carl W. Goetz Middle School

    Michael Bryce

    Assistant Principal
    Carl W. Goetz Middle School

    Debra Phillips

    Christa McAuliffe Middle School

    John Lamela

    Assistant Principal, Grades 7 & 8
    Christa McAuliffe Middle School

    Michael Saulnier

    Assistant Principal, Grade 6
    Christa McAuliffe Middle School

    Adriann Jean-Denis

    Crawford-Rodriguez Elementary School

    Timothy Harrison

    Assistant Principal
    Crawford-Rodriguez Elementary School

    Michael Burgos

    Elms Elementary School

    Shawn Levinson

    Assistant Principal
    Elms Elementary School

    Richard Karas

    Lucy N. Holman Elementary School

    Dr. Michael Raymond

    Howard C. Johnson Elementary School

    Ronald Polakowski

    Sylvia Rosenauer Elementary School

    Kathleen McKiernan

    Switlik Elementary School

    Renee Pagano-Hein

    Assistant Principal
    Switlik Elementary School