Sustainable Jersey for Schools

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    Sustainable Jersey for Schools is a certification program for New Jersey public schools that want to go green, conserve resources, and take steps to create a brighter future, one school at a time. 

    We would like to thank our staff and students for their commitment to our energy program - your efforts are paying off.

    In August 2020 we were notified that 7 of our schools have achieved Bronze Level certification under the NJ Sustainable Jersey for Schools Program for the fourth year in a row! These honors are earned by districts who demonstrate exemplary sustainable practices along with programs to conserve energy.

    To help put that distinction into perspective, only 14 schools in all of Ocean County have received Bronze Level certification - and 7 of them are right here in Jackson!

    In addition to receiving these awards, three of our schools, Switlik Elementary, Elms Elementary, and Liberty High School, were awarded the very pretigious Silver Level certification. This is the highest level that a school can reach in this program. These schools are 3 of only 19 schools in the entire State of New Jersey!

    The importance of acheiving these honors cannot be understated. Since joining this program we have received over $40,000 in grant money that we would not have been eligible to receive otherwise.


    Learn more about the program at Sustainable Jersey for Schools.