Security Procedures

  • Please remember that independent social media posts often provide inaccurate and misleading information. We are asking our community to keep this in mind and to rely on official district and police information. While we must often limit details due to student confidentiality, we make every effort to be transparent in disseminating as much information as we can.

    Regardless of what we are permitted to release, we never hesitate to take any action that would keep our students and staff safe.

    A safe school community is a collective effort of parents, staff, students and the community. Every incident reported to the school or police is fully investigated. The police, school resource officers, and school staff worked collaboratively to investigate all reports.

    The Jackson School District has always and will always put student and staff safety as our first priority. Below are some examples of the security measureswe have implemented:

    • All doors are locked and visitors must be cleared to be buzzed into our buildings;
    • Security vestibules are installed or are being installed in all of our school buildings;
    • We do not allow visitors to enter the building during student arrival and dismissal;
    • Both high schools have Student Resource Officers (SROs), who are uniformed police officers that walk our other schools on a routine basis;
    • Multiple trained security personnel work daily in our schools;
    • Each school has armed security on-site;
    • We hold practice drills monthly;
    • A.L.I.C.E. training provides our staff, administrators and students with alternative methods to respond and evacuate during a crisis;
    • We have ongoing communication with the Jackson Police Department;
    • Security cameras are placed both inside and outside our buildings and the police department has access to these cameras;
    • We also have an agreement with police that they patrol our school parking lots on frequent basis.

    Although there are many protocols and measures in place we recognize that continued focus on safety and security is crucial. We will work with law enforcement to continue to identify other options that will strengthen our school security and provide a physically and emotionally safe environment for all children to learn.