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    Some important information for parents: 

    Reader's Workshop - Reading Bags:

    Please continue to send your children in with their reading bags daily.  Keep all of the books that were placed in the reading bag inside for the week.  Keep the 'Reading Finger' inside the reading bag as well, this helps us when we point to the words we are reading.  We ‘Book Shop’ every Monday for new books to read for the week.

    Library books from Ms. Hogan can remain at home for the week.  Please send them back on Tuesdays when we have library so they can select a new book.


    Due to various food allergies and our full curriculum, snack will not be provided in the kindergarten classrooms. Any foods that you send in with your child will be eaten in the lunchroom. 

    Afternoon Childcare Snack:

    If your child attends afternoon childcare and you would like them to have a specific snack at their childcare program, please send the snack in a bag that is labeled ‘For Childcare.’ Place that snack in their backpack for them to eat later. 

    Buying School Lunch:

    If you would like for your child to buy lunch, please submit a note to me in writing. You can upload money onto their account or you can send it in with them. Place the money an envelope with their name, my name, and their lunch account number. The envelope with their lunch money will go down to the lunchroom as soon as they unpack in the morning.

    Change of Clothes:

    Even the most experienced children can have toileting accidents. We are lucky to have a bathroom right in our classroom. The children know they can go whenever they need to. In addition, I allow the children to use the bathroom before lunch and before dismissal. As a precautionary measure, please send in a change of clothes for your child in a clear bag with their name on it. I will keep these in their cubbies for the school year and they will be used if there is ever an accident. 


    The safety of your child is my top priority. Anytime there is a change in the way your child usually goes home, please send in a note with your child. The note should say what the change is and will be sent down to the office as soon as they unpack in the morning. 

    Walker Students:

    I will open the door for students who are walkers at 3:25 pm. If parents can try to arrive a few minutes prior to that it would be helpful in dismissing your children safely. The remainder of the children will walk with me to the buses or afternoon childcare. It is important that we leave the classroom right after the walkers dismiss so that we are safely where we need to be before the older students are dismissed. If you are at my door after 3:25 pm and we no longer in the classroom, please do not worry. I will take your child with me while I dismiss the other children. After the rest of the children have been dismissed we will meet you for dismissal at the front of the school.