Computerized Payment System (QSP)

  • The Jackson School District operates a computerized point of sale system (POS) in all cafeterias. Students can purchase their breakfast and/or lunch, and optionally snacks, by debiting their account! The convenience and security of placing funds in your child’s account helps to eliminate the worry about forgotten or lost money. However, Cash is still accepted in our cafeterias. We begin accepting deposits on the first day of school.

    How to add funds to your child's account:

    • You may send in cash, checks, or money orders in an envelope marked "LUNCH PROGRAM," along with your child’s full name. Please send individual deposits when paying for more than one child.
    • By registering at, you can make deposits on-line and even view your child’s purchases in the cafeteria. This online payment system is not mandatory, and is solely a convenience for families.
      • Unused balances will carry over to the next school year.
      • Account balances can be viewed by your child when making purchases in the cafeteria. They can also be viewed on the parent portal.

    Please assist us by encouraging your child to remember their student ID number, which is also their “PIN” number. Student photos will be attached to each account for identification and security purposes. If you have any questions, you can contact the Food Service office at 732-415-7014, and someone will gladly assist you.

PaySchools Central Accounts

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    Do you use our "" system for making automated payments to your child's food service account or to pay participation fees?

    On March 18, 2019 we converted to a system called PaySchools Central. During this transition:

    • Your current login information will remain the same;
    • The money in your account will roll over into this new system as of March 18th (you don't need to do anything to make that happen). 

    The only difference is:

    • You will go to a different link -
    • If you use the auto-replenishment feature of the system, you will need to log in and set up your auto pay information again. Just log in using the same login information you did under the old system, and adjust your auto pay settings to include your credit card or banking information.


    If you have any questions, support for PaySchools Central is available via phone and email. You can contact them at 877-393-6628 or

    If you don't remember your login information, there is a "forgot password'' feature on the new site. Just plug in your email address and it will send you a re-set code.



PaySchools Central App