Child Care Procedures

  • When school is closed due to snow or other hazardous conditions, Child Care is canceled. However, situations other than all-day closings are also possible.

    The following situations will be addressed in the ways below:

    Delayed Opening:

    • AM Child Care at the six Elementary Schools and two Middle Schools is canceled.
    • The Child Care Extended Kindergarten program at Goetz will begin at 10:45 a.m.

    Closing Prior to 8 a.m.:

    • Parents will be phoned to pick up their children immediately.


    Mid-day Closing:

    • Kindergarten Child Care: Children will be brought by bus as usual to Goetz School unless other arrangements have been made. Parents will be notified of the specific time of pick-up.
    • Elementary & Middle Schools: Parents need to make arrangements for the child to be picked up in the event of an early closing. Specified time of closings will be announced.