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August 2019: Linguini a la Putanesca

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Linguini a la Putanesca


Submitted by Joe Immordino



1 Pound Linguini

4 Tablespoons Extra Virgin Olive Oil

1/2 Cup black olives pitted and cut in large chunks

28 Ounces peeled tomatoes cut into large chunks

1 Tablespoons capers cut in large pieces

5 Cloves of garlic

Pepperoncino (hot pepper)

Shredded Parmesan Cheese

6-7 Fresh Basil leaves

Salt (to taste)




Sauté` the garlic in olive oil until it is lightly colored.

Add the capers and the olives. Add pepperoncino, as desired.

Cook for an additional 3 minutes at medium to heat and then add the tomatoes, basil and salt.

Cook for about 10 minutes at low heat.

Meanwhile, cook Linguini Al Dente, when ready, pour spaghetti into sauce, toss for 1-2 minutes, top with Parmesan cheese and serve.