Welcome to the Elms Elementary School

  • The Elms Elementary School is deeply rooted in the unique variety of learning experiences provided to all of our students. We take great pride in the positive and nurturing environment that characterizes our school. By teaching our children to think and dream, we continue to create life-long learners and prepare our children with the college and career readiness skills needed for success in any area they desire to pursue.

    Our highly qualified teachers deliver a rich educational program with skill, enthusiasm, and expertise. With dedicated educators, outstanding instruction comes to life and the curriculum is delivered in a highly creative format. Lessons are child-centered and tailored to meet the needs of our students.

    Elms Elementary is committed to helping students maximize their learning by integrating relevant technology into instruction and academic content. Elms is eager to provide our learners access to the most effective methods in the teaching-learning process. One of our primary goals at Elms Elementary is to bolster students' competency in the domain of Digital Literacy fostering a learning environment that is extremely engaging to learners and relevant to today's digital world.

    In math, hands-on lessons that include the use of manipulatives and the continued focus on process activities assist learners as they increase their application of skills and strategies for high order cognitive analysis and evaluation. The Envision Math Curriculum provides students with online materials, dynamic tutorials, and easy-to-use assessments to drive instruction.

    In the area of Literacy, Elms teachers and learners are invested in developing the workshop model for reading and writing in an attempt to enhance and deepen students' learning experiences. This model has shifted the focus away from the teacher as the provider of knowledge toward increased student ownership in the educational experience. By differentiating instruction in this manner, our program incorporates best practices and current research about curriculum, cross-curricular instruction, technology, and assessment. This enables us to support all of our students at their various points on the educational spectrum.

    Elms Elementary is fortunate to have a very active Parent Teacher Network (PTN). The PTN provides age-appropriate family activities, enriching cultural arts experiences, and support to our school in many ways. It is not unusual to walk our halls and see community members assisting our school staff or running a special activity. This strong partnership among students, parents and staff is foundational to Elms' success.

    As a vibrant school community, we are a united team that constantly strives to provide a superior education for each and every child. We are very proud of the high levels of achievement shown by the students of Elms Elementary on the various assessments used by the State of New Jersey and our local school district. The hallmark of our school continues to be the superior test scores consistently attained by our students in meeting or exceeding national and state expectations. Elms Elementary School is an exciting environment where staff, parents, and administration are continually working to provide the best educational practices and experiences for our students.


    Mr. Michael Burgos
    Principal, Elms Elementary School