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    Week of 3/30 


     Morning Announcement 3/31


    Please remember to read, read, read every single day. You can read in a variety of ways - by yourself, to someone, with someone, or listening to someone read but please make sure you are engaged in reading.



    Here we go with week 3, by now many of you have set up schedules and are becoming rockstars.  You are amazing!

    Here are some weekly activities to have fun with.  In addition, should you need any help with the work your teacher posted, I am here for you!

    Kindergarten - Go on a sight word scavenger hunt.  Hide post its or other small pieces of paper with a sight word written on each around your home - set a timer and search for words.  After your timer goes off, sit down and read all the words you found.

    First and Second Grade - Record yourself reading on RAZ-KIDS. Don't have an account? Email me to set you up. Send me an email to let me know you recorded yourself reading, I'll send you a reward and a personal message providing feedback.

    Third - Fifth Grade - Have a little fun with a "would you rather" writing prompt.  Something like, would you rather be super funny or super smart? Push yourself to have 3 reasons and an example for each reason such as.  I would rather be super smart over being super funny.  I would rather be super smart because I would be able to come up with inventions that help people, like Ben Franklin and electricity.  Another reason..

    (This activity can be done through conversation or writing.)