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     Mrs. Giaconia  

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    Welcome back to Elms for the 2020-2021 school year!! 

    Please make sure to log on through our SYNCHRONOUS LEARNING Google Classroom ... See you there!

     learning from home

    Mrs. Giaconia's Math Group (through our Google Meet link): Monday and Tuesday 2:35-3:00

    Mrs. Giaconia's Writing Group (through our Google Meet link): Wednesday 2:35-3:00

    Mrs. Giaconia's Remote Group (through our Google Meet link) Thursday 2:35-3:00

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    Please note that you must bring your Chromebook to school on your in-person days.  Make sure that it is fully charged.

    I have mostly everything else that you will need to make this an amazing year.  However, there are a few items you may want to bring with you within the first few days...

    - earbuds

    - extra clean mask

    - travel size pack of tissues

    - bag or box to keep your mask in during mask breaks and lunch

    - beach towel for mask breaks and lessons outside (this will stay in your backpack)




    Please refer to this calendar to see our in-person and remote schedule for the month of DECEMBER and JANUARY...


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