• Welcome To Ms. Cortez's Kindergarten Class  


     Please look on my Google Classroom for anouncements and remote learning assigments with directions. 

    *Important announcement below from the Unified Area Teachers in regards to their google meets. 

    Please instruct parents on the following from this point on:

    Parents: do not link to the Elms School Web Page Teacher Pages for the Special Area teachers, instead do the following:
    1. Have your child log into their Google account 
    2. Press on the 9 boxes (waffle) Apps Launcher
    3. Press Google Classroom (Green Box - surrounded by gold)
    4. Join the Grade for their Special Area Class 
    5. The Google Meet Code is located in the Banner at the top on the left hand side under the Class Code. 
    6. Click there to join the Google Meet.
    From your Special Area Teachers



    * Students are REQUIRED to join my Google Classroom, as it will be used for your Remote Learning days.  On those days you're home, I will hold a required Google Meet at approximately 2:30.  The link to attend our Meets will always be found in our Google Classroom on the top left side. The link will be visible at 2:30 (no earlier). If you log on pror you ill not see a link.

    The Elms PTN has provided each child with an Elms folder that your child will bring back and forth to school in their backpack. This folder will be used as a tool for us to communicate daily. Each day, your child will bring home this folder. If there is a need to send anything back to school it will come home in the "Return to School" side of the folder. Homework is one example of something that would be in the "Return to School" side. Any notes from home to school regarding dismissal, lunch money, or any correspondence should be put in the folder on the " Return to School" side.  A good parent teacher relationship is essential for a successful school year. You are always welcome to contact me! 

    Email: ncortez@jacksonsd.org

    School Phone: 732-833-4680

    Please also consider joining my "Remind" group!

    Using your phone send a text to 81010 and text the message @cortezkind

    Class Page

    Thank you for visiting our class page. Please visit our class page each week for an update on school events,classroom events as well as updates to our weekly curriculum. Weekly curriculum will include skills and strategies introduced in Literacy, Math, Social Studies and Science. 


    Classroom Supplies 

    I have been busy setting up the classroom for all of my wonderful new students.  All school supplies for your child have be supplied by the school or myself. If you signed out a chromebook for your child please keep the chromebook at home. Your child will be using this during their virtual learning on the days that they are not in school. However, there is a small list of items that I am asking parents to send into school with their child during the first week of  school. The following items are: 

    * 1 placemat of your choice for your child to use as a sit upon for the floor or outside during instructional time.( please write your child's name on the back of the placemat)

    *Sweater or sweatshirt labeled with your child's name  (classroom can get chilly and weather outside is unpredictable) 

    *Change of clothes in a plastic bag with your child's name 

    *Water bottle labeled with child's name 

    Here are some additional items that are optional:

    tissue box, pack of baby wipes, individual hand sanitizer (please label all items with your child's name)

     Links to Special Area Class Pages are listed below:

    Music: Ms.Clark https://www.jacksonsd.org/Domain/2108

    PE: Mr. D'ambrosio https://www.jacksonsd.org/Domain/1064 

    Computers: Mrs. Sendeckihttps://www.jacksonsd.org/domain/63

    Art: Mr. Bryan https://www.jacksonsd.org/Domain/996

    IMC: Mrs. Konopackhttps://www.jacksonsd.org/Domain/1233


    Daily Lunch Schedule 

    Lunch: 10:45-11:15

    Unified Arts Schedule 

    Unified Arts will meet at 9:35-10:05

    Please check my google classroom for more information.


    Special schedule is listed below:

    Week 1 

    Monday - Music (Ms. Clark) YGNUL5R

    Wednesday - PE ( Mr. DiAmbrosio) jqk2han

    Friday -Computers (Mrs. Sendecki) djze43k

    Week 2

    Monday - Art (Mr.Bryan) udo6b7b

    Wednesday - IMC (Mrs.Konopack) yk2encl

     WEEK of January 25, 2021  IN LITERACY

    Letters: Reviewing all letters and sounds 

    Sight Words: jump, ball

     Letters Learned to Date: All letters learned to date 

    Sight Words Introduced to Date: yes, no, I, can,go, stop.to, the,we,a,look, see, like, my,at, play,it, is,am, be.you,and,me,your, our, he, she, this, or, that, want, little

    Reader's Workshop: Reading Super Powers: pointer power, picture power, sight word power

    Writer's Workshop: Class Shared Na.rrative Writing 

    Social Studies: Family,Neighborhoods

    Social Emotional Learning: Responsible Decision Making


     WEEK of January 25,2021 IN MATH 

    Topic 7 : Understanding Subtraction 


      Links to Resources:        

      Lowercase letter formation guide
         Uppercase letter formation guide
                                                                   Kindergarten Word Wall