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     Updated 1/10/'2020

    Mrs. Rudenjak & Miss Zecca's Class:(Week A)

    We will be continuing with Hybrid and Synchronous Remote Learning.  I will be going over the schedule that day. I will also post the schedule on Google Classroom for the students to refer to throughout the day.  Please check the District Calendar for the color-coded days that correlate to A & B Weeks.


                    Important Info. for "In-Person" days:

    •  It is very important that the Chromebook is fully charged before arrival at school.
    • Special Area Schedule has changed. The time is now 11:05-11:35 am. Both groups have the same Special Area schedule.
    • The Special Area Schedule is posted below this message.

                        Synchronous Google Meet Expectations:

    -Students should sign-on to the Google Classroom no later than 9:10a.m. to join the class in real-time learning.

    -If you need to join late or leave the Meet early, please email me to let us know.

    -Monday-Thursday students will have homework assigned for that day for after school hours (like the usual school routine) The homework will be written in the student planner and posted on the Google Classroom.

     NOTE: Students should follow the HW rules according to their Math and Literacy teacher.

    -According to the district, students must be present for each subject for the scheduled time. Instruction is taught at the same time as the In-person students, so it's important for student progress that they stay on the Google Meet as directed by the teacher teaching. Please email us with any technical issues. 


    -Please read the protocol should a parent decide to keep their child home on their In-Person day: 

    Does Your Child Need to Stay Home? Go Synchronous.

    Ideally, students should be in school on all scheduled in-person days. There are situations, however, in which hybrid students are not permitted temporarily to attend school in-person (e.g. quarantine order, presumed positive, or presumed exposed - see below). 

    Additionally, you as a parent may have concerns that cause you to want to limit their in-person attendance temporarily. If so, you can avail yourself of the synchronous instruction we are providing to hybrid students and have them learn at home temporarily.

    To do this:

    • Contact your child’s teacher directly to let them know if you will be having your child learn remotely/synchronously on a temporary basis (i.e. for a few days).
    • Please be sure to include the reason and for how long you expect it to continue.

    IMPORTANT: If you are wanting your child to learn synchronously on a full-time basis (meaning, they would not come back to in-person learning at all), you must contact your child’s principal to discuss that.


    Remember, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us. We are looking forward to a successful year!

    Mrs. Rudenjak, Ms. Zecca & Mrs. Sweet



    Time- 11:05-11:35 

    -The links below will send you directly to the special area teachers' class pages.
    -To meet with the teachers, students should click the link on the special area teachers' Google Classroom that is already added to their Chromebook.

    Week A:

    Mon- Computers (https://www.jacksonsd.org/Domain/63)

    Wed.- Art  (https://www.jacksonsd.org/Domain/996)

    Friday- Media/IMC   (https://www.jacksonsd.org/Domain/1233)


    Week B:

    Mon.- Music  https://www.jacksonsd.org/Domain/2108

    Wed.- Gym  


    Many parents have already seen the benefits of joining Remind. Please consider joining the Remind App in order to be connected via texts. 
    The Remind info. is as follows:

    • Send a text to 81010
    • Text this message:
    • @lrudenjak 






    Mrs. Rudenjak 





  • Literacy: 9:25-11:05

    Science/Social Studies: 11:05-11:45

    Lunch: 12:05-12:35

    Math: 12:40-1:35

    Dismissal: 1:35

  • Dear Families,

    Please support your child at home to help them problem solve when doing homework or if your child lets you know they're struggling with a concept. Utilizing online sites is a great way to reinforce skills learned in school. 

    Also, it is imperative that your child is fluent with Multiplication facts up to 12 times tables. The topics moving forward, such as Fractions and Division,  requires the students to have mastery of their facts. Utilizing online sites or just plain old-fashion flashcards are great resources for your child to practice daily. 




    Homework Information:

    Dear Students, 

    If you forgot your Math book or need additional help with your Math HW, please use the online resources. Savvas Realize will give you examples of your math lessons in addition to math videos that will reteach the lesson. 


  • Classroom Rules & Behaviors That Support Learning:

    School needs to be a safe and happy place to come to everyday.

    • Show respect towards each other 
    • Interact appropriately with classmates
    • Use good word choice & actions when disagreeing with someone(self-control)
    • Put forth good effort consistently
    • Stay on task and focused to learn, consistently
    • Follow directions, consistently