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     Updated 10/14/'2020

    Mrs. Rudenjak & Miss Zecca's Class:

    Some of the upcoming events will be done differently in our current health and safety situation. We invite the students to dress up on Halloween week, Wed. 10/28, and Fri. 10/30 according to their Hybrid schedule. If the students would like to share treats, it must be NON-FOOD items. Unfortunately, candy cannot be handed out due to many health and safety reasons. We will try to make the day fun and memorable. 


    Parent-Teacher Conferences will be held towards the end of the marking period. Parents will be notified when scheduling for conferences will commence. 


    Safe Schools Week


    Many parents have already seen the benefits of joining Remind. Please consider joining the Remind App in order to be connected via texts. 
    The Remind info. is as follows:

    Send a text to 81010

    Text this message:



    Here are some clarifications about student work and Google Meet expectations:

    -Each day the students work from home, they will have two (2) Google Meets. One with the Special Area teacher of the day at 1:45-2:15 and then again at 2:20- about 3:10 for the Classroom subject areas. 

    -Students should be as prompt as possible because we are on a tight schedule.

    -Students should complete their work before the Meet so we may go over the work and see who needs extra support.

    -If you need to leave the Meet early, please email us before the Meet to let us know, except for other Elms services.

    -According to the district, if you are NOT present for a scheduled Google Meet, you are to be marked absent. Please email us with any technical issues. 

    -Monday-Thursday students that are In-Person will have homework assigned for that day when they are home (like the usual school routine). NOTE: Students should follow the HW rules according to their Math and Literacy teacher.

    Remember, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us. We are looking forward to a successful year!

    Mrs. Rudenjak, Ms. Zecca & Mrs. Sweet


    NEEDED SUPPLIES for "In-Person" days:

    • earbuds or headphones
    • water bottle to avoid the water fountain (suggestion)
    • extra mask
    • towel for outside mask breaks 


    • Please bring your assigned Chromebook to school daily for use in the classroom. It is very important that the Chromebook is fully charged before you arrive at school.
    • Students should check their email daily and the Google Classroom on Remote days for their assignments.


    • Remote students will have a Special Area Meet at 1:45 and a Classroom Meet at 2:20.



    Time- 1:45-2:15 daily during your Remote Day

    -The links below will send you directly to the special area teachers' class pages.
    -To meet with the teachers, students should click the link on the special area teachers' Google Classroom that is already added to their Chromebook.

    Week A:

    Gr. 1 Mon/ Gr 2 Tues.- Computers (https://www.jacksonsd.org/Domain/63)

    Gr. 1 Wed./ Gr. 2 Thurs.- Art  (https://www.jacksonsd.org/Domain/996)

    Friday- IMC   (https://www.jacksonsd.org/Domain/1233)


    Week B:

    Gr. 1 Mon./ Gr. 2 Tues.- Music  https://www.jacksonsd.org/Domain/2108

    Gr. 1 Wed./ Gr. 2 Thurs.- Gym  

    Friday- IMC  (https://www.jacksonsd.org/Domain/1233)





    Mrs. Rudenjak 




  • Literacy: 9:25-11:05

    Science/Social Studies: 11:05-11:45

    Lunch: 12:05-12:35

    Math: 12:40-1:35

    Dismissal: 1:35

  • Dear Families,

    Please support your child at home to help them problem solve when doing homework or if your child lets you know they're struggling with a concept. Utilizing online sites is a great way to reinforce skills learned in school. 

    Also, it is imperative that your child is fluent with Multiplication facts up to 12 times tables. The topics moving forward, such as Fractions and Division,  requires the students to have mastery of their facts. Utilizing online sites or just plain old-fashion flashcards are great resources for your child to practice daily. 

     If you have any questions or concerns throughout the year, please feel free to email me or contact me by phone. I will try to get back to you as soon as possible. I look forward to a wonderful and rewarding year! 


    • Planner: please check and have a parent sign the planner 
    •  Your child should read 20 minutes each day. Encourage them to continue to read their current book until they finish it.  
    • Test Folder:  A folder will come home with graded work a few times a month. Please review the work, sign the cover sheet after reviewing the work, and then return all the work on the "Return" side. 
    • Toys are not encouraged to be brought to school unless otherwise directed. This can distract the students from learning.
    • Any Online Site that we use in class, the username and password information will be written in your child's Planner in the "notes" section.



    Lori Rudenjak



    Homework Information:

    Dear Students, 

    If you forgot your Math book or need additional help with your Math HW, please use the online resources. Savvas Realize will give you examples of your math lessons in addition to math videos that will reteach the lesson. 


  • Classroom Rules & Behaviors That Support Learning:

    School needs to be a safe and happy place to come to everyday.

    • Show respect towards each other 
    • Interact appropriately with classmates
    • Use good word choice & actions when disagreeing with someone(self-control)
    • Put forth good effort consistently
    • Stay on task and focused to learn, consistently
    • Follow directions, consistently