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     Updated 1/10/'20 

    The students worked really hard on getting back into the normal routines. This week they will be presenting their Google Slides research projects on Extreme Weather and Natural Disasters with their groups.  We will continue to write opinion essays, but using Literature as the topic. This type of writing is called a Literary Essay and is the type of essay they will continue to write each year.  They will complete topic 6 in Math, problem-solving using comparisons and multi-step word problems, with the plan to test them on Wednesday. Also, we will continue to focus on memorizing multiplication facts so the students are prepared for fraction concepts.

    On a different note, I want to congratulate all the students that participated in the 2020 Elms Spelling Bee. Kaden Russo made it to the top 5, coming in at second place. He will continue on to the District Spelling Bee on March 31st. The students and I were so proud of him and his ability to be challenged under pressure. Bravo Kaden! 

    Some reminders:

    -Please remember to check your child's planner and Reading Log M-Th and initial each day. 

    **Please read the Upcoming Events below.


    Mrs. Rudenjak :)            

     Book fair is coming!

     Upcoming Events:.....Plan ahead : 

    • Thursday 1/16- Supply Cart
    • Friday, 1/17- Inside Out/Backwards Day 
    • 1/20 school closed- Martin Luther King Day
    • 1/28 - Family Paint Night 6-8pm

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                                                           Look What We're Learning: 

    Words Their Way Word Work: New list

    The students practice their spelling words/sort throughout the week in class.  The words are always written in their planner, even if you have to go back a week or two to find it. Remember, even though there isn't nightly HW in Spelling, the online site Spelling City will soon be available(check the planner for updates) and is a great way for your child to practice their spelling words. It's always recommended to do Blind Sort as a way to prepare for their test.

    STEM/Science/Social Studies: Science Unit 2- Earth Systems

    S.T.E.M  is a part of our curriculum here at Elms. For those who are unfamiliar with STEM, it stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. We tackle problem-solving through hands-on cooperative groups. The Science and Social Studies curriculum will revolve around project-based learning. 

    Literacy: Unit 2- Nonfiction Reading & Research / Unit 3-Opinion Essay: Literary Essays

      Reading and Writing Workshop is something the students are familiar with from previous years. The curriculum builds upon the units from the previous school year, so it's a comfortable transition for the students. 

     Math:  Completing Topic 6- Problem-Solving with comparisons

    Learning Goal: Multi-Step word problems and understanding number relationships

    **Remember, if your child isn't understanding the concepts, they could look in their Math notebook, go online and watch the lesson video or do the Math Buddy. There is also a site online called Khan Academy that goes over various math skills step by step. I did show this free online site to the children.  

     -Please encourage your child to utilize the online site to help troubleshoot questionable concepts or to just simply help support the topics learned in school. Also, if they forget their book in school, they should go to the online student book and do the HW on a piece of paper. 

    -Once on Pearson Realize, choose "programs" and then the topic and lesson.  I may assign the Practice Buddy if a child needs extra help with a lesson. This will help your child if they're having questions about the lesson. Your child's sign-in information will be in their planner under the 'Notes' section. 

    ****Please encourage your child to continue to study their basic multiplication facts. A majority of the skills and concepts throughout the year require mastery of single-digit multiplication facts up to 12. 


    PTN Corner: 

    Support the PTN and become a member. Go to the PTN link on the Elms Webpage for more information about future events.

    Box Top Contest




    Monday:  Gym
    Tuesday:  Art
    Wednesday: World Language 
    Thursday: Music
    Friday: Computers

    Lunch: 11:01-11:31


    NOTE: Shortened Schedule:  the day ends at 1:35pm

  • Dear Families,

    Please support your child at home to help them problem solve when doing homework or if your child lets you know they're struggling with a concept. Utilizing online sites is a great way to reinforce skills learned in school. 

    Also, it is imperative that your child is fluent with Multiplication facts up to 12 times tables. The topics moving forward, such as Fractions and Division,  requires the students to have mastery of their facts. Utilizing online sites or just plain old-fashion flashcards are great resources for your child to practice daily. 

     If you have any questions or concerns throughout the year, please feel free to email me or contact me by phone. I will try to get back to you as soon as possible. I look forward to a wonderful and rewarding year! 


    • Homework is usually assigned M-Th unless otherwise noted.  
    • (abbreviations to know:  worksheet: WS,  homework: HW,  Words Their Way: WTW)
    • Planner: please check and have a parent sign the planner daily
    •  Your child should read 20 minutes each day. Encourage them to continue to read their current book until they finish it.  
    • Test Folder:  A folder will come home with graded work a few times a month. Please review the work, sign the cover sheet after reviewing the work and then return all the work on the "Return" side. 
    • Toys are not encouraged to be brought to school unless otherwise directed. This can distract the students from learning.
    • Any Online Site that we use in class, the username and password information will be written in your child's Planner in the "notes" section.


    The students will have recess every day. Recess may be outside, so appropriate outerwear and shoes are recommended. 


    Parents, when the students are off from school, there are many things your child could do to help them progress and learn. Some great activities would be playing math games on the computer such as Prodigy, play Multiplication War, go on Spelling City to work on the current word list, and of course, read a good book. Story writing or taking notes on their favorite topic in a nonfiction book or article is another way to keep them learning at home. I certainly appreciate all the support you do at home. 


    Lori Rudenjak



    Homework Information:

    Dear Students, 

    If you forgot your Math book or need additional help with your Math HW, please use the online resources. Pearson Realize will give you examples of your math lessons in addition to math videos that will reteach the lesson. 

    If you forgot your HW in school, please work on the current day's Math lesson online and email me to let me know that you did an online assignment. 

  • Classroom Rules & Behaviors That Support Learning:

    School needs to be a safe and happy place to come to everyday.

    • Show respect towards each other 
    • Interact appropriately with classmates
    • Use good word choice & actions when disagreeing with someone(self-control)
    • Put forth good effort consistently
    • Stay on task and focused to learn, consistently
    • Follow directions, consistently