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    We are hard workers and even more importantly we are kind to each other. 



    Remember to practice your multiplication facts &

    the "Words I Need to Practice."






    "Choose to be happy!"






    Upcoming Events:


    "It's a Good Day to Have a Good Day!"







    Feel free to email me at chussa@jacksonsd.org



  • Monday: Art

    Tuesday: Music

    Wednesday: Computers

    Thursday: Spanish

    Friday: Gym

    Lunch is at  11:30 every day.


  • Writer's Workshop

    Decorate your Writer's Notebook with pictures that fill your heart up

    writers writers

    Unit 1: Crafting True Stories



    Unit 2: 








  • Reader's Workshop


    Remember to read 20 minutes every night. It is also important to talk about what you read.  Find a friend or family member to talk to about your book.


    Unit 1: Building a Reading Life




    Mystery Unit














  • Words their Way

    Cycles of words can last 7-8 days. Tests will not be every Friday.

    All WTW work will be completed in class, unless if it is not finished in class.

    We will start to glue a list of current sorts in the student's planners.  Students  have the option to practice at home if they want extra practice.

  • Math:

    Topic 2 Multiplication Facts: Use Patterns

    2-1: 2s and 5s as Factors

    2-2: 9 as a Factor

    2-3: Apply Properties: Multiply by 0 and 1

    2-4: Multiply by 10

    2-5: Multiplication Facts: 0, 1, 2, 5, 9, 10

    2-6: Math Practices & Problem Solving










    Please utilize the online math textbook website. The homework and practice buddy, and "Another Look" video will be very helpful if your child is having difficulty with a topic. 

    Here is a website that might be useful when you are trying to find additional practice for a particular standard: http://https://www.quantiles.com/tools/math-skills-database/?state=NJ&course=166&standard=

  • Science 

    Unit 1: Forces and Interactions 

    Unit 2: Inheritance and variation of traits: Life cycles and traits

    Unit 3: Interdependent Relationships in Ecosystems: Environmental Impacts on Organisms

    Unit 4: Weather and Climate


    Social Studies

    Unit 1: The United States: Regions and Geography

    Unit 2: Government and the Democratic Process

    Unit 3: Impact of Ideas and Inventions

    Unit 4: Diversity Into Unity