Welcome to Ms. Hussa and Gochal's Class!

    We are so excited to meet all of you next week on Thursday!  Be sure to check your email soon.  We will be sending you a link with our Google Classroom code.


    We are going to have an amazing year together!




    Ms. Hussa:



    Mrs. Gochal:




    Important Information!

    • Please have your child bring their chromebooks back and forth to school each day fully charged.  
    • Please send your child in with earbuds or headphones labled with their name in a plastic bag.  We will provide all other individual supplies for your child.
    • During our morning routine, I will take a count for anyone getting lunch. 
    • Please have your child bring in a water bottle.  We will use the water fountain only to refill if needed.
    • Please make sure your child is aware of their dismissal routine (bus, child care, parent pick-up, car loop).



    • Optional Supplies/Classroom Donations

      • individual hand sanitizer
      • extra mask
      • pencil case
      • tissues
      • wipes
      • paper towels


    • 9:20-11:00- Literacy

      11:00- 11:40- Special

      11:40-12:40 Math

      12:40-1:00 Recess

      1:05-1:35 Lunch

      1:40-2:20 WIN

      2:20-3:10 Science/Social Studies


      Monday: Art

      Tueday: Music

      Wednesday: Media

      Thursday: Technology

      Friday: Gym




























    "It's a Good Day to Have a Good Day!"







    Feel free to email me at chussa@jacksonsd.org



  • Monday: Art

    Tuesday: Music

    Wednesday: Computers

    Thursday: Spanish

    Friday: Gym

    Lunch is at  11:30 every day.


  • Writer's Workshop

    Decorate your Writer's Notebook with pictures that fill your heart up

    writers writers

    Unit 1: Crafting True Stories



    Unit 2: 








  • Reader's Workshop


    Remember to read 20 minutes every night. It is also important to talk about what you read.  Find a friend or family member to talk to about your book.


    Unit 1: Building a Reading Life




    Mystery Unit














  • Words their Way

    Cycles of words can last 7-8 days. Tests will not be every Friday.

    All WTW work will be completed in class, unless if it is not finished in class.

    We will start to glue a list of current sorts in the student's planners.  Students  have the option to practice at home if they want extra practice.

  • Math:

    Topic 2 Multiplication Facts: Use Patterns

    2-1: 2s and 5s as Factors

    2-2: 9 as a Factor

    2-3: Apply Properties: Multiply by 0 and 1

    2-4: Multiply by 10

    2-5: Multiplication Facts: 0, 1, 2, 5, 9, 10

    2-6: Math Practices & Problem Solving










    Please utilize the online math textbook website. The homework and practice buddy, and "Another Look" video will be very helpful if your child is having difficulty with a topic. 

    Here is a website that might be useful when you are trying to find additional practice for a particular standard: http://https://www.quantiles.com/tools/math-skills-database/?state=NJ&course=166&standard=

  • Science 

    Unit 1: Forces and Interactions 

    Unit 2: Inheritance and variation of traits: Life cycles and traits

    Unit 3: Interdependent Relationships in Ecosystems: Environmental Impacts on Organisms

    Unit 4: Weather and Climate


    Social Studies

    Unit 1: The United States: Regions and Geography

    Unit 2: Government and the Democratic Process

    Unit 3: Impact of Ideas and Inventions

    Unit 4: Diversity Into Unity