• Check out the student resources tab for some fun and educational websites.


    Kindergarten students check out this video to practice letters/sounds while getting some exercise!

    Youtube phonics video- JackHartmann (check him out)


    Weekly remote learning tips for parents... 

    1. Limit distractions

    2. Make a space for learning

    3. Maintain breaks such as snack time and recess

  • Students please make sure to read, read, read.  Practice these strategies when you get stuck on a word...
    -get your mouth ready for the beginning sound or sounds up to the vowel.
    -look at the picture and think about what would make sense.
    -run your finger under the word and say the sounds or word parts you know. (sound it out)
    -see what you know about the word (chunk it or break it into smaller words you know)
    -skip it and then go back and think about what would make sense
    Have a great week!
    Mrs. Barnfield

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