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    Summer reading tips for parents from reading Rockets... 

    1. Read aloud together with your child every day.

    Make it fun by reading outdoors on the front steps, patio, at the beach or park. Also, let your children read to you. For younger children, point out the relationship between words and sounds.

    2. Set a good example!

    Parents must be willing to model behavior for their children. Keep lots of reading material around the house. Turn off the TV and have each person read his or her book, including mom and dad.

    3. Read the same book your child is reading and discuss it.

    This is the way to develop habits of the mind and build capacity for thought and insight.

    4. Let kids choose what they want to read.

    5. Buy books on tape.

    Listen to them in the car, or turn off the TV and have the family listen to them together.

    6. Take your children to the library regularly.

    Most libraries sponsor summer reading clubs with easy-to-reach goals for preschool and school-age children. Check the library calendar for special summer reading activities and events. Libraries also provide age appropriate lists for summer reading.

    7. Subscribe, in your child's name, to magazines like Sports Illustrated for KidsHighlights for Children, or National Geographic World.

    Encourage older children to read the newspaper and current events magazines, to keep up the reading habit over the summer and develop vocabulary. Ask them what they think about what they've read, and listen to what they say.


    8. Make trips a way to encourage reading by reading aloud traffic signs, billboards, notices.

    Show your children how to read a map, and once you are on the road, let them take turns being the navigator.

    9. Encourage children to keep a summer scrapbook.

    Tape in souvenirs of your family's summer activities picture postcards, ticket stubs, photos. Have your children write the captions and read them and read them aloud as you look at the book together.

  • Students please make sure to read, read, read this summer.  Practice these strategies when you get stuck on a word...
    -get your mouth ready for the beginning sound or sounds up to the vowel.
    -look at the picture and think about what would make sense.
    -run your finger under the word and say the sounds or word parts you know. (sound it out)
    -see what you know about the word (chunk it or break it into smaller words you know)
    -skip it and then go back and think about what would make sense
    Have a great summer!
    Mrs. Barnfield

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