How to Make an Appointment to Register Your Child for Grades 1-12



    All parents/guardians must register their children by making an appointment with the school your child will be attending (See list of schools on this page).  To determine your school, please visit

    The only exception is during our Kindergarten Roundup registration week in the spring, during which Kindergarten registrations are taken at each elementary school. (See Kindergarten Registration Page)

How to Register Your Child for Grades 1-12

If You Cannot Register Online...

  • Complete Paper Forms

    We encourage all registrants to use the online registration form. If you cannot complete this registration form online for some reason, you can:

    • Visit the Registration Forms Page and download, print and complete all of the forms.
    • Please be sure to print clearly.
    • Bring the completed forms and proofs of residency to your registration appointment.

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School Registrars

  • Crawford-Rodriguez Elementary

    Cheryl Greenway, 732-833-4690, ext. 6580

    Elms Elementary

    Dawn Marchese - 732-833-4680, ext. 3522

    Holman Elementary

    Lynn Goldblatt - 732-833-4620, ext. 5132

    Johnson Elementary

    Nicole McHale - 732-833-4640, ext. 6126

    Rosenauer Elementary

    Mireya Espinosa, 732-833-4630, ext. 2122

    Switlik Elementary

    Lynn Kostulakos - 732-833-4650, ext. 4136

    Goetz Middle School

    Jo Ennas - 732-833-4610, ext. 4747

    McAuliffe Middle School

    Robin Miller - 732-833-4701, ext. 4727

    Jackson Liberty High School

    Susan Bittner - 732-415-7002

    Jackson Memorial High School

    Susan Bittner - 732-833-4626

    Spanish-Speaking Registration Appointments

    Lucy Gonzalez - 732-833-4670, ext. 4621 (Wednesdays 3:30 - 5:30 p.m.

    Ana Fay - 732-833-4701, ext. 7120 (Tuesdays 3:30 - 5:30 p.m.)