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When it Comes to Reading... Every Minute Counts!

When it Comes to Reading... Every Minute Counts!

Research shows that when parents read with their children - great things happen!


Why Can't I Skip My 20 Minutes of Reading Tonight?

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One of the most important things we can do to support our children’s success is to read every day.  Research tells us that students’ daily reading practice of 20 minutes will continue to strengthen skills in all domains.  Have your child read to you; read with your child; and/or read to your child.  Nagy & Herman (1987) have submitted that reading for 20 minutes every day will expose students to over a million words a year, and those students usually test in the 90th percentile.  Students who only read 5 minutes a day are exposed to less than 300,000 words per year, and typically score in the 50th percentile.  Reading for 1 minute means exposure to only 8,000 words and test scores are only in the 10th percentile.  When it comes to reading, every minute with your child counts!

In “How to Instill the Love of Reading”, LeVar Burton says as educators, we strive to promote literacy in all students, and it is difficult, if not impossible, to reach one’s full potential without being able to read.  Literacy is the pathway to lifelong learning and is essential to being educated individuals and a truly free society. Here at Elms, we have seen how utilizing the Reader’s and Writer’s Workshop model has given students in grades K-5 more independence by strengthening their ability to communicate in both the spoken and written word.  Using the Reader’s and Writer’s model, students are actively engaged in reading texts suited to their reading level. You can help to inspire your kids to continue these practices at home with these helpful tips from Mr. Burton:

  • Meet students in their comfort zone: TV, video games, music, & movies are all mediums that can kick start imagination. Talk to kids about what they like and expand on those concepts, characters, and activities.
  • Surround kids with good books: the more books that are available, the more enticing it can be for a child to find a new story; to choose for themselves what they learn next.
  • Read books aloud: a “low-pressure and foolproof” way to spend time with your kids
  • Show kids how much you love reading: parents & teachers know that modeling is among the most effective modes of teacher. Creating passion in yourself will promote passion within a child. 

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