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High Frequency Word HW Practice Suggestions

What can parents do to help study sight  (also known as high frequency) words that are listed in the study buddy book?

  1. Play “Eye Spy” a word.  
  2. Make matching word cards for “Concentration”.
  3. Think of words that rhyme with each sight word.

We are using stories to dig deeper concepts such as:
-identifying a lesson taught in a story
-getting to know characters to help us predict
-using characters to understand a series
-try to predict what characters might say before you read the text

When we are stuck we:

Look  at the picture clues.
Look at the beginning sound 
Read through the word
Think about what would make sense
Think about what would sound right
Look for smaller words inside of bigger words
Think if it is like a word you know

Let's Get Ready to Read 
1. Look at the cover.
2. Read the title.
3. Take a picture walk.
4. Ask Questions
-Will this book teach me something?
-Will I enjoy this book?
-Does this book remind me of something or someone?
5. Make a prediction. 
Weekly Stamina Goal: 5 Minutes of Independent Reading.    Flex your Reading Muscles!

Words Their Way: Students bring home their individual words sorts in a zip bag.  It is a sort that was chosen specifically for them and their needs.  Students will complete a word sorting activity daily to help learn the spelling pattern within their sort.  Children will be tested on their individual sorting patterns approximately every 6 to 10 days, depending on how they are progressing.  Tested words may or may not be words from the sort but will follow the same pattern.  The goal is not to memorize a list of words, but to understand and use a special pattern.
Every student should practice math facts daily.   Strong practice brings strong results!
MATH: Topic 14: Using Data to Answer Questions:  Reading different kinds of graphs & interpreting data to solve problems.

Donations:   Many parents have asked what they could donate to our class.  Items that we could use are tissues, baby wipes (or sanitizing wipes),  Ziploc bags(all sizes, especially small) and treasure treats for student rewards (just ask your child what prizes he'd like to chose from). Any donations are greatly appreciated