• To open and read an e-book (electronic book) on your computer or device:


    1. Open Destiny Discover. Follow the link on the left of Mrs. Konopack's page
    2. Click on the "Search Options" plus sign to the right of the search bar. 
    3. Under Format, select E-Book. Click "Set Options".
    4. Type your search term in the search bar. 


    1. Start on the main Destiny Library Search screen (aka Destiny Back Office)
    2. Narrow your search to "Material Type" --> "electronic book"


    1. Continue searching until an e-book is retrieved.  E books show an e inside a box, next to the title.
    2. Click on the book.
    3. You must login to view the book.  Username and password is your student ID number.  Then you are allowed to write notes, check out, leave reviews, and so on. (In a pinch, you can use Username Elms & Password = guest )
    4. Staff should use the username and password used to login every morning.
    5. Only one user may read a book at a time.  If some one is reading a book, it will not open for another person.  Please close the book you have finished, or check it back in.
    6. Use the arrows at the sides to move to another page.  Please return to page 1 when finished, sliding the bar at the bottom.
    7. Some books will play audio if there is a speaker symbol on the bottom left.
    8. Destiny sometimes shows images of recently purchased books.  They are not e-books and cannot be read on a device.