Switching Buses is Not Allowed

  • To provide for the safety of the students, it is best that students are picked up and dropped off at their assigned bus stop. Students are not allowed to ride on buses other than their own assigned bus unless there is a documented family emergency that would put a student in danger.

    Students are not allowed to switch buses to visit friends, go to meetings, after school classes or work. A student riding on a bus without authorization opens up the potential for several issues.The most frightening is that we may be unable to locate the student and the parent may not know where their child is. Additionally, many buses are loaded to capacity and do not allow room for additional students.

    Should a family emergency exist, the parents or guardians must notify the student’s school and explain that a family emergency exists and request a note signed by the school administration be given to the bus driver for an alternate pick up or drop off location. Students will not be allowed to get off the bus at an alternate location without a note signed by a school administrator.

    Drivers are not allowed to make changes to students' bus stops. Please do not ask a driver to do so. Parents are encouraged to make alternate arrangements to cover for emergencies. Plans may be made for relatives or neighbors to meet the bus when parents or guardians are unable to do so. Emergency contact information should be submitted to the school annually or updated as often as needed throughout the year.