Caregiver Authorization

  • Does your child need to be bused to or from a caregiver either before of after school?

    If so, please remember that you need to submit a caregiver transportation request form.

    Even if you filled out a form last year, you need to submit a new form every year.

    Forms are available for pickup at any school and must be returned to the school. FYI: These forms are done in triplicate and must be signed by the parent and the caregiver, so they are not available as a digital form.

    In order for the arrangements to be in place for the first day of school, the forms need to be received by Thursday, Aug. 5.

    We will continue to process forms after that time and we will work to accommodate your needs, but any forms received after Aug. 24 may not be processed in time for the first day of school.  

    With many parents or guardians working in order to meet their financial obligations, the Jackson School District receives many requests for students to be picked up or dropped off at locations other than their home.

    The Jackson Transportation will provide alternate bus stop locations for the students regular bring in and/or take home routes for the student’s school of attendance when possible.

    Transportation will be offered to caregivers, academic centers or nursery schools WITHIN THE SENDNG BOUNDARY OF THE SCHOOL OF ATTENDANCE.

    • The alternate bus stop must be for ALL days the child attends school in-person.
    • Students will be assigned one stop per route.
    • Transportation will not be provided to caregivers located outside the sending boundary of the school of attendance.
    • Stops will not vary from day to day. In order to maintain efficiency, we can not have a student hold a seat on two different buses for a bring in or take home route. 
    • Students will not be assigned multiple bus stops for the bring in route or the take home route.
    • Bus stop locations will remain firm for all the days the student attends school in-person.

    All caregiver requests must be RENEWED EVERY YEAR by submitting a new Caregiver Request Form to your home school.

    • The forms can be picked up at your home school or at the Transportation Department.
    • They are printed in triplicate, so they cannot be posted online for download.
    • Caregiver forms submitted during the school year may take up to 5 working days for the change of bus stop to take effect. Caregiver changes will not be accepted during the first week of school.