• Current study: Bread Bread Study Letter

    Smart Cookie of the Week:

    Decorate poster with family photos, hobbies, favorite foods, anything about them. Feel free to draw, cut out magazines etc. On Friday (Optional): Provide a favorite snack for the class to go with bread study (Crackers, goldfish, pretzels, etc.) Again providing a snack is optional.

    Sample poster

    About our Week:

    Week of: 2/13-2/16  Investigation 5: What do you know about bread? Social Emotional Learning Target: Following Directions

    MondayVocab: Bake, baker, bakery Discussion: Where can you get bread? Who makes it? Story: Tony's Bread Activity: making play dough, pizza shop dramatic play

    Tuesday: Vocab:toast, crunchy, tortilla, soft Discussion: What is your favorite kind of bread? What does bread feel like?   Story: Dona Flor Activity: making play dough, pizza shop dramatic play  

    Wednesday: Vocab: knead Discussion: What do you want to know about bread?  Story: This is Challah Activity: making play dough, pizza shop dramatic play    

    Thursday: Vocab: grains, flour, wheat Discussion: Where does bread come from? Story: Bread comes to life Activity: Playing with environmental print  

    Friday: Vocab: grinder, yeast, oil, ingredients, recipe Discussion: Where does bread come from? What is in it? Story: From Wheat to Bead Activity: Games with Ms. Kerri's class