• Current Study: Beginning of the Year

    Investigation 1: What are our rules?

    Social Emotional Target: Listening

    Monday: CLOSED

    Tuesday: Today we played in the hallway. We practiced riding bikes, bowling, and throwing beanbags. In the sensory table the students played with sand. We created a thank you card for Mr. McCann, to thank him for being our guest visitor! During small group students practiced using propositional words, shape collages, and using geoboards. 

    Wednesday: Today we finally got to enjoy the playground again! We have been talking about when things happen at school and why we utilize a schedule. During small group students worked on propositional words, shape collages, and drawing under the table! We read the story Peeny Butter Fudge a story about a silly grandma not following the instructions while watching her grandchilden.




    Ongoing materials that can be donated throughout the year:

    - Boxes (medium/small)

    - empty bottles

    - magazines or newspapers

    - paper towel/ toliet paper rolls

    - leftover cardboard 

    - bubble wrap