• Welcome to Kindergarten!



      Dear Parents,

      The children have been bringing home their reading bags to read from Monday-Thursday. They are really enjoying reading and collecting stickers on their reading bags when they return them. Please continue to make sure that your child reads nightly from their bag  of books and returns the books every Thursday so that they can receive their reading sticker. Reading nigtly from their bag of books with help your child build sight word knowledge, build fluency and give them the opportunity to practice their reading strategies at home. Thank you for your support. 

      Ms. Cortez




      Learning for the Week Of 2/24-2/28

      Kindergarten Sight Words - said, did

      Phonics- Blend and read three-sound words,listening for the vowel sound in words and distinguishing between the long vowel sounds and short vowel sounds in words. Listening to three sound words and spelling short vowel words. 

      Math-  Topic 8: Addition and Subtraction

      At the begining of each new Topic in math, an introduction for the new Topic will be sent home with your child. It is suggested homework to use as a resource at home with your child. It is recommended, not required and will not be collected or expected to be returned to school. 

                                        Reading- Super Reading Powers: Reading with print strategies and sight words power

      Writing- stretching out the sounds in words and write the letters for the sounds, practice telling stories which include telling what people said and did and labeling illustration 

      Social Studies: 100th Day of School, Communities and Neighborhoods, Black History, Dental Health 

                                                                                 Words Taught To Date: yes, no, stop, go, I, can,to,the,a, we,look,see,like, my,at,play,it, is,am, be,you, your, our,he,she,here, there, do,an, on, all,so,us,up,down,in, out 

      Letters taught to date: t,b,f,n,m,i,u,o,c, a,g,d,s,e,r,p,j,l,h,k,x,y,z,q  


       Important Imformation and Dates 


      No School -February 17th

      100th Day of School, February 18- Ms.Cortez's Class will be dressing up as 100 year old people  

      Candy Bingo- February 19th and February 20th

      Supply Cart - February 20th

      Book Fair  March 3rd - Our class will visit the book fair from 11:40-12:00'





























  • Weekly Schedule

    (Lunch Daily 10:50-11:20)

    Daily Specials are the following: 

    Monday - Art 1:45-2:25

    Tuesday- Music 1:45-2:25

    Wednesday- IMC  12:55-1:40 (return library book)

    Thursday-Computers 1:45-2:25

    Friday-Gym 1:45-2:25 ( wear sneakers)

  • Reminders!

    *Please remember to remind your child if they are buying lunch to give me their envelope with the money and their account number. This is also how snack works. If your child is bringing lunch they are allowed to purchase a snack if it is  fine with  you. Your child should bring an envelope marked lunch or snack with money and their account number.

    Class Special Schedule:






    *Lunch is Daily from 11:50-12:20

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