Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Colleen Hussa

Hi!  My name is Colleen Hussa.  I am a 3rd-grade teacher at Elms Elementary School.  I have been honored to be part of the Jackson School District for 16 years.  I have taught in the classroom, as a basic skills teacher, and an Advanced Math teacher.  I enjoy working with all grade levels.  I love to integrate technology into my teaching. 

As an educator, my teaching philosophy has always been that learning starts with the learner.  I am constantly challenging my students, not just academically but with real-life skills that prepare them for the complex world.  My current classroom is designed as a Flip Classroom, allowing students to take ownership of their own learning.  I encourage students to be creators, designers, problem solvers.  I love to challenge my students and think outside of the box and outside of their comfort zone.  Students should have hands-on learning on a daily basis.  I want students to break the mold, be flexible.  Our society is constantly evolving. I want my students to have the skills to evolve in this complex and competitive world.