academy of business
  • The Jackson School District Academy of Business requires summer assignments be completed prior to the beginning of the semester during which you will take your Academy course(s). 

    It is our belief that the summer represents an important opportunity for students to strengthen their skills in core subjects and to better prepare them for success during the school year.

Jackson Academy of Business Summer Assignments

  • During their 2017-2018 business classes, students will choose and complete a project-based assessment on their summer reading selection. Students should be prepared to be assessed or to hand in a completed assignment during the semester when directed by the teacher.

    This summer's reading requirements are:


    “LOL...OMG” by Matt Ivester

    “I Want More Pizza” by Steve Burkholder


    "Market the 'Bleep' Out of It - Getting Your Business Where You Want it To Be"  by Roderick L. Harter


    "Springboard - Launching Your Personal Search for SUCCESS" by G. Richard Shell


    Seniors will have AP Macro summer work and an internship