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    Please reach out with any questions or concerns.



    Hello Friends!  I’m so proud of you for the wonderful work you’re doing at home!  Use the Google Classroom link above to access your new assignments for today. Remember, the assignments can be found by scrolling through the stream, or you can click on "Classwork" at the top and they will be organized by subjects.  Come back to Google Classroom and click “Mark as Done” after you complete each assignment including RAZ and ExtraMath. Let me know if you have any questions.  Have a great day! 😊   





    First Grade Sight Words ~ It would be helpful to write the words on index cards and practice each day.  We've been practicing reading and writing these words in class.  Quick recognition of these words helps improve your child's reading fluency and overall reading level.   

    than    about    back    after    I'm    been    big   came   away   your    who    when    them    because    from   have    there     any

    into    just    little    make    before    two   four    mother    where    very    could    were    over    ride    don't    said    that     one

    with   five    their   what   but   here    going    our    three    want    able    bad    give    today    week    something     bus     year   

    can't    tell    across    world    cat   take   dad   hide    almost   dog   anything   home   down   become   end    behind   fish     why

    car   books   good   help   city   write   top   room   under   fast   hill   know   use   let   place   sleep   love   much     stay     name

    new     paper     rain     door     fun     sky     both   time 






    Homeroom/Morning Meeting



    Science/Social Studies/Health

    Reading Workshop/Writing Workshop

    WIN Period







    Your child will bring books home in the blue reading tote to read for homework each night. These books will be at your child's independent reading level which means they should be fun, fast, and easy. Encourage your child to read aloud to you and be sure to discuss the books too.  Your child is expected to read for 15 minutes each night. Please keep track of your child's reading on the reading calendar that will be sent home. The book tote and books should be returned daily.  Reading time at home is a wonderful opportunity to snuggle up with your child and create many warm memories and positive reading experiences. 

    Your support at home is truly appreciated!



    Bucket Filler




    Please consider joining our Parent-Teacher Network.  Your $10 family donation goes directly back to our students.  The PTN generously provides our students with school supplies, assemblies, special family events, and class trips.  Please visit the school page for more details.  Thank you for your support!  



     Specials Schedule

    Monday - Technology with Mr. Villecco

    Tuesday - Music with Ms. Burnett

    Wednesday - Art with Mrs. Thomas

    Thursday - Physical Education with Ms. Levi  (students must wear sneakers to participate)

    Friday - Library with Mrs. Montano


     School Lunch

    Our lunch period is 12:55-1:25.  Your child's student ID# is also his/her lunch number which will be used to purchase school lunch/snacks.  You may add money to your child's account online or by sending money to the school.  If you send cash, please be sure to put it into an envelope with your child's name and student ID#.  The student ID# is on your child's bus pass.  It is helpful to practice this number with your child until it is memorized.   

     BusPlease be sure to send a note/email if there is any change in your child's dismissal routine.   


    Items we use often in our class…..


    Clorox wipes

    Hand sanitizer 

    Any donation is greatly appreciated!


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