• June 19, 2020


    To the parents and students of our 2019/2020 4th grade class, 


    WE DID IT!!! The end of this year has certainly been unlike any other. We would like to take a moment to thank our students for pulling together and making remote learning work very well!  Our year in the classroom has been ripped away from us and yet you have become a part of history, as our first class to finish the 4th grade by not physically being in school. Know that you are strong, smart, brave, talented, and loved! We will miss every one of you!

    Most of all, we would like to thank all of our parents and guardians. With no training, you stepped up to the plate when asked to become teachers, along with continuing to be parents. Educating children is a team effort and remote learning has highlighted that as never before.  We respect that life has taken many twists and turns since early March and we honor you for supporting your children as they learn from home. Thank you!


    We hope your family has a summer full of wonderful memories!



    Mr. Daut & Ms. Williams  

    Dear Parents and Students,

    Head's Up for Monday 3/30 with those that do Math and Literacy with us.
    We are going to start using the Pearson Envision Website.

    Directions on How to Access Pearson Envision

    Lessons and Links will be posted daily beginning Monday.

    Also, Literacy assignments will be created with Links to the EPIC reading site.

    Click here for Epic

     Login Code dlw6353

    Please continue to login and look at our Google Classroom Daily for updated assignments. 


    This year has brought us into uncharted territory for all of us.  


    Unfortunately, Crawford Rodriguez Elementary School will be closed beginning Monday, March 16 until further notice.  

    Your safety and wellbeing is the number one priority for me, Ms. Williams, and our school district. That being said, our class will continue to run in an online setting. Lessons are planned and expected to be completed daily.


    Here is a link to a step-by-guide for accessing Google Classroom.  

    Guide to Google Classroom


    We spent a lot of time practicing how to log into Google Classroom, working on and submitting assignments. The class had gotten pretty used to it but if there are any problems please email me.  Students need to be signed into their school google email account in order to access our Google Classroom.


    Each day we are home, students are required to check into our classes’ Google Classroom online to look over and complete their assignments.  

    This “check-in” will serve 2 purposes:

        1. To keep our class learning and 

        2. To keep attendance. 



    Each day have a reading assignment in which students are required to read a passage and answer questions to check for understanding.   Each day we are home Ms. Williams and I will post an assignment link on Google Classroom for you to complete.

    Continue to go on XTRA MATH each day.

    If you were given a packet of studies from another teacher please follow their directions.. REMEMBER- The assignments in the packet are given for each day this week.  

    If there are any questions please feel free to email me (jgdaut@jacksonsd.org) or comment onto a Google Classroom assignment. 

    Thank you and be safe, 

    Mr. Daut


    So much happens in fourth grade! Because of this, parents, as well as children, may have some apprehensions about what will happen. It is extremely important to keep in mind that we all build on small successes. Each child will progress at his/her own rate, acquiring skills as he/she is developmentally ready. Maintaining each child’s self-esteem and building a secure foundation for future growth will always remain a priority in fourth grade. Here are some ways you can help: 

    *Celebrate your child’s successes, no matter how small it may seem. This will keep your child enthusiastic about learning and proud of their work! 

    *Look through your child’s Take-Home folder each day. There will be important notes, graded work and tests, and homework assignments. 

    *Be sure to have your child read every day, if possible. The more your child is exposed to language, the easier it will be for him/her to incorporate new skills in reading and writing in the classroom. 

    *Please take some time to read and discuss the parent/student information when it is sent home with your child. When parents understand the expectations of the school and within my classroom, they are able to support and encourage academic success in the education of their child. 

    If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me via email at jgdaut@jacksonsd.org

    Thank you for letting me work with your child this year. 


    Mr. Daut


    Fourth Grade Suggestions

    Please take into account some suggested items that your child will find useful throughout his/her fourth-grade year. 
    3 folders
    Small pencil box or pouch
    2 composition notebooks
    2 Spiral Notebooks (2 one subject, 70 pages)
    1 Small Box of Markers (non-permanent, no sharpies)
    1 Highlighter  
    2 fine dry-erase markers
    2 packages of post-it notes (3x3) 

    1 clipboard

  • Mr. Daut's 4th Grade Specials and Times for the 2019/2020 school year

    (special times are at the same time all week (10:35 - 11:15am)

    Monday - Gym 

    Tuesday - Art (Mrs. Thomas)

    Wednesday - Computers (Mr. Vilecco)

    Thursday - World Language (Mrs. McDonald)

    Friday -  Music (Mrs. Burnett) 

    ****Also, our class will be visiting the IMC(Library) frequently. With the help and guidience of Mrs. Montano, we will be able to check out books and use to computers there to help us gather our resurces for the various topics, projects and reports that we will be working on throughout the year.*** 

  • How to Get into the Pearson Envision Website

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  • In Reading Workshop we are working on Unit 2, Extreme Weather. Students will learn to read and navigate the world of nonfiction. 


    In Writing Workshop we are working on Unit 2, Opinion Writing. Students will learn to write a thesis statement and give examples with supporting evidence to write an essay. 

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  • Homework:

    Homework will be assigned Monday through Thursday, with the exception of holidays and some testing day/weeks. Homework will usually consist of studying their word journal(spelling), and math. Independent reading will always be an expected homework assignment. The purpose of homework is to review and reinforce skills taught during the school day. If you find that your child is having difficulty with his or her homework assignments, please let me know.

    Homework should be kept in the homework folder and returned the following day. If homework is not completed, your child will have one day to make it up.

    Any student who is absent will have as many days as they were absent to make it up.

    Each homework assignment and other important information will be written in the homework planner that was provided to your child by the PTN. Always check your child's work, and sign and date it. Unless otherwise specified, homework is due the following school day. Parents often wonder, "Should I correct my child's mistakes? How will the teacher know if he/she is having a problem?" My advice is, yes, point out the mistakes to your child in a helpful way, and use that opportunity to reteach and clarify the skill. If you would like me to know about a particular problem area, just write a note with the homework.

    I hope this has answered some of your questions concerning fourth-grade homework! Please feel free to contact me about any specific concerns!

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  • Dear Parents/Guardians

    Our fourth-grade students are given an opportunity to eat a snack sent from home each day to help provide for their nutritional needs and to succumb the mid-morning hunger that occurs before lunch.

    Yet, there are students attending your child's class who suffers from a possible life-threatening allergy to peanut/tree nut products i.e. peanut butter, peanut oil, etc., we ask your cooperation by not sending any snacks with your child containing peanut or tree nut products.

    Students who have severe allergies to such food substances are exposed to a health risk when peanut products are consumed in their environment or shared with them. Please speak with your child about not sharing their snacks with other children.

    If your child has health problems of any kind, please inform me immediately so that the necessary health protection steps may be taken.

    Your understanding and cooperation are appreciated so that we might provide for the health needs of students at risk of health trauma.

    Attached are two large but incomplete lists of peanut/Treenut-free snacks.  It is also important to read ingredient labels for production methods.

    Yours truly,

    Mr. Daut

    Peanut Free Snack List

    Peanut and Tree nut Free Snack List

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