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    I'm excited, Kindergarten is an incredible year for learning and developing.  You will be amazed at how quickly your child will grow this year.  They will become readers, writers, mathematicians, scientists, and good citizens.


    Mrs. Kuusalu

    email:  kkuusalu@jacksonsd.org


    *Birthday Treats - are welcome for those special celebrations, but need to be easy to pass out (no cakes or cupcake cakes please) and please have them dropped off to reception before our lunch at 11:45. Thanks in advance!

    Please do your best to provide me with packaging or information about ingredients in the treats, I do have tree-nut, coconut, and dairy allergies in the classroom.






    Some important dates are coming up...



    Please join us as we celebrate America!

    Our Class play will be on Tuesday, June 11, 2019 at 2:00.


    * Doors open at 1:45.

    * We will begin promptly at 2:00

    * Parents, younger siblings, and other family and friends are invited.

    * Our End of the Year party will begin right after the play.

    *Our PTA wil provide refreshments for all.

    *Please have your little star wear blue pants/shorts/ or skirt.



    If you have any questions or concerns please email me at kkuusalu@jacksonsd.org. 


     Other Events/Dates To Know About:

    6/17-6/20 Shortened Days of School

    6/20 Last Day of School



    What are We Learning this week:

    Readers Workshop: We are Avid Readers

    Fundations: Digraphs and sentence structure

    Sight Words/Trick Words: all colors and words

    Writers Workshop: Narrative Writing

    Math: Topic 13: Shapes

    Science: Interdependent Animals and Environments


    Homework Information:

    1) Reading Log (LOGS TO BEGIN IN OCTOBER)- Please TRY to read each night (even weekends) and then color in Reading Log for each book read.

    *Many Parents Ask: How can I help my child become a better reader?

    • Read to them every day and expose them to the composition and language of books.
    • When they are able, have them read to you, or share the reading with them the book.
    • If he makes a mistake, simply tell him the correct word and let him move on. This increases enjoyment and fluency.
    • To increase comprehension, talk about the story after you've read it. 
    • Remember to always pick "good- fit" books to read!  It is easy to do with the I. P.I.C.K. rules...

    I choose a book

    Purpose- Why do I want to read it?

    Interest- Am I interested in it?

    Comprehend- Am I understanding what I am reading?

    Know- I know most of the words


    2) Math - Math Envision Homework Page (if different from Envision Math page then look for HW on corner of page)

    • Math HW will only be given every Monday-Thursday (this may change because of holidays)
    • Page is usually 2-sided and will be inside your child's folder
    • Assistance will be needed for reading directions (at bottom of pages)
    • All students should TRY to complete all HW with help as needed... parents please let me know if your child struggled with completing HW the very next day
    • Higher Order Thinking Questions are to be tried but not required

    3) Nightly Fundations - Letter and Sight Word Practice

    • Each child will have alphabet letters and/or words to practice (weekends recommended).


    Recommended Homework

    I like to have a kind and respectful environment every day in my room, where each child in it feels respected, safe, and loved!  Parents please help me to encourage your child to show kindness, respect and appreciation to others... here are some ideas to do at home:

    1. Greet others, make eye contact, and ask others about their day.
    2. Compliment others often.
    3. Ask a friend, neighbor or family member if you can help them complete a task or chore.
    4. Help around the house, beaches, parks, libraries or community.
    5. Create a calendar at home each month with daily tasks of kindness, respect, or appreciation for family or friends.


     "Treat Everybody Like it's their Birthday!" - Kid President


Class Schedule



    9:25 – 9:30        Arrival and Unpack

    9:30 – 10:00      Morning Meeting

    10:00 – 10:30    WIN

    10:30 – 11:15    Reader’s Workshop

    11:15 – 11:45    Fundations    

    11:45 – 12:15    Lunch

    12:17 – 12:57    Special (M, W, TH, F Only)

    1:00 – 2:00        Math  (M, W, TH, F Only)

    12:20 – 1:10     Math (Tuesday Only)

    1:10 – 1:20       Bathroom Break (Tuesday Only)

    1:20 – 2:00       Special (Tuesday Only)

    2:00 – 2:40        Science / Social Studies

    2:40 – 3:00        Recess

    3:00 – 3:20        Writing Workshop

    3:20 – 3:25        Pack Up

    3:25 – 3:30        Dismissal


    Special Schedule:

    Monday: Library (12:17)

    Tuesday: GYM 2:45 - Please wear sneakers

    Wednesday:  Music (12:17)

    Thursday:  Computers (12:17)

    Friday:  Art (12:17)


    As you can see, we have a very busy schedule.  Making sure your child is well rested and has a good breakfast is an excellent way to help them flourish. Please arrive to school on time each day as we will getting our day started right away!