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    Welcome to Mrs. Clayton's class page and our remote learning plans. Plans will be posted daily. Please submit completed work to me through Google Docs and Folders. An "Invitation to Collaborate" or "Invitation to Edit" attached to work posted in your child's folder will send an email to me as well, and then I will respond to submitted work. An email with instructions to set up your child's Google Docs/Folders to submit work was sent out to you on Thurs., 4/2/20.

    My email address: wsclayton@jacksonsd.org

    Report cards will be available for parents on the Portal on Thurs., 4/2/20.

    Links for Learning:

    • Scholastic Learn at Home (www.scholastic.com/learnathome)
    • Raz Kids (www.kidsa-z.com)
    • Xtra Math (sign in info on first page of student planner)
    • Envision Math (link at Crawford web site)

    Assignments for Fri., 4/3/20

    1. Science: Scholastic Learn at Home (Grades 1-2: Week 1, Day 5: Bones)

    2. Reading: Read for 20 mins. using Scholastic Learn at Home assignment, Raz Kids, or books from home. Log your reading on your reading log. (Please keep track of your reading time on a paper that can be returned to me.)

    3. Writing: Write a conclusion for one of your opinion writing from this week and add to the end of that writing.

    Example of a conclusion: "That's why I think that.... (write your opinion here). Thanks for reading my paper. What do you think about/What is your opinion about............."

    4. Word Work: Our 5 words of the week are: 

    • easy: "simple to do" "the opposite of hard"
    • finally: "at the end" "able to do something after waiting a long time"
    • everyone: "all of the people"
    • hold: "keep or hug in your hands or arms"
    • special: "important to you"

    ActivityPractice saying your words with a partner. Please tell what each word means.

    5. Math:

    • Complete your Xtra Math practice.
    • Lesson 10.5: (Use Models to Add) on Envision Math:

    a. View the "Another Look" video (last choice on the lesson drop-down list).

    b. Please complete pages 609-612 by clicking on the third choice on the drop-down list - "Interactive Student Edition - Lesson 10.5." Students do not need to complete homework. 

    c. Lesson Tips:

    **Please add 1s first, then 10s, then 100s.

    **Remember to regroup when 10 ones make 1 ten.

    **Remember to regroup when 10 tens make 1 hundred.

    **Drawing your ones, tens, and hundreds can help you to see when you need to regroup.