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    Good Morning!      4/2/20

     Have a Great Thursday!

     Please read the new directions carefully as we continue with our remote learning.

    As always,  complete all of your work for the day.  You should be doing all 3 steps. (1. Student Application 30 minutes, 2. Remote Learning where you read a story and email me the answers and 3.Independent Reading.)

    You are all doing a great job and I miss you all!

    1. Do your 25 minutes of Student Application.

    ***Remember to do 25 minutes per day on your Student Application.  

    Click on this link to get there and sign in like we always do!


    2.  Please click here for  Read180 Remote Learning story for today.


     Read the Story "Welcome to America."  Think about how the story is told. We call this Point of View.  Here's a chart to help you.

    Point of View (Part I) - First, Second, and Third Person -- Video ...


    Please read these questions and email me the answers:

    **Who is the main character in the story?

    **Is the story told in the First Person, Second Person, or Third Person? Use the chart above to help you.

    **Where does the story take place?

    **Where is the main character from?

     email the answers to me at: dloser@jacksonsd.org

    3. Do your independent reading for 20 minutes. You can use a book you have or one that I sent home. You could also use a book on Raz-kids or Epic. Email the title of the book and 2 sentences telling me about what you read.  I will keep track of your responses and give you a ticket for each when we get back!


     ***Please email me with any questions or concerns:







    To Contact me please email me at: dloser@jacksonsd.org Have fun Reading!

     Resource Room Homework

    Please remember to read 20 minutes daily and complete journal.


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