• New Message May 18 

    New Directive from Our State: Teachers will be utilizing new procedures for daily attendance that are designed to keep student engagement strong.  I will utilize a 'question of the day' activity to track students' daily attendance.  You will find the questions in our Remote Learning Plans.  Please sign into Google Classroom to help your child answer each question daily. Thank you!

    Student Work

    Thank you for everything you are doing to ensure your child is engaged in the academic activities during the remote learning period. As we move closer to June, you will see that our lessons will focus on fun end-of-the year activities. There will be an opportunity for you to drop off the student work in June.  As soon as a schedule is developed I will let you know.

    Belongings in the Classroom

    If you feel it is urgent that you pick up your child's belongings from school, please email me and I will contact the front office. The school will then contact you with a day/time to pick up their belongings. Otherwise, all belongings will be returned when your child returns to school in September.  



    Click the links below to access the Remote Learning Plans. Take as much time as needed to complete the assignments.  

    Remote Learning Plans May 26-May 29

    Remote Learning Plans May 18-May 22

    Remote Learning Plans May 11-May 15

    Remote Learning Plans May 4-May 8

    Remote Learning Plans April 27-May 1

    Remote Learning Plans April 20-April 24

    Remote plans March 30-April 8

    If you would like additional activities, please send me an email and I will put together supplemental activities for your student.  Please note that this is not a requirement, so please continue to do what is best for you and your family during this time.


    Good morning friends,


    Today is Thursday, May 28, 2020.  We are going to have a cloudy day today. Today is H for hat day!  You can wear your favorite hat or you can make one. You are going to listen to the story I Need My Monster. This is a story with a humorous twist.   Please remember to answer the 'question of the day' in our Google Classroom.


    Have a great day!


    Ms. Livio


                                                  How to Turn in Assignments

    Dear Families,

    Thank you for your support throughout the Remote Learning Process. This is new learning for me as well!  I truly appreciate your patience. You are doing an amazing job with your child!  My goal is to provide your child with new learning material that is engaging and accessible to everyone.  All of the activities can be completed on your own paper.  For example, you can view the activities online, and then write the answers on a separate sheet of paper.  For writing, you can complete all writing activities on your own paper as well.   You can also keep track of your reading on a sheet of paper.  If you choose to complete the activities on your own paper, please keep the completed assignments together and return them to school when schools are in session.  I can keep track of all the reading on RazKids.

    If you are able to complete the assignments online and prefer to submit them this way, feel free to do so.  Please complete the activities in a way that is best for you and your family.  I do not have a preference. Your child will receive full credit. Please contact me with any questions! 



    Ms. Livio











    How to sign up for Google Classroom 

    Attention all Kindergarten Parents:
    If you have not already, please log in to your child's Google account using...
    1. email: studentID@jacksonsd.org (ID#s can be found when you log in to Genesis)

    2. First-time user password is welcome#jsd (parents will get prompted to change their passwords after they first login - it is recommended to set it to an easy 8 digit password for easy remembering.

     Once you have signed in, please accept the invitation to join "Ms. Livio's Kindergarten Classroom."  
              Here is the code if requested when you join: Google classroom Code:  ezswetb
    For any assistance on Google passwords email: msvillecco@jacksonsd.org  (Mr. Villecco)
                                                         How to access the math curriculum on Google Classroom

    If you have signed up your child for a Google account/Google classroom, please click the link below for information about how to locate the online math program within Google classroom.  I have not posted any math assignments at this time; however, feel free to browse the Envision/Pearson math curriculum that we will be using on Monday.

    Envision/Pearson Directions




    Giuseppe and Cooper say, "Woof!"
    Giuseppe and Cooper







    Math Fast Fact Practice Sheets

    Students are allowed to use objects as counters to complete the fast fact activities.

    Here are some examples:

    Use fingers to add and subtract

    Draw pictures



    Food: Cheerios, goldfish, skittles, etc.



    Directions for Accessing E-Books on the Destiny Discover Website

    Directions for Acessing E-Books on your Computer using Destiny Discover.

    1.  Go to the Crawford School Website.

    2.  Scroll down and click on the Launch Pad and look for the Destiny Quest icon. Click on the icon.

    3.  On the top of the Destiny Quest Page, look for Follett Shelf tab and click on that one. This will open a window with a Log in.

    4. The Log in is:   User Name: crawford

                                  Password:  guest

    5.  This will open a window that includes books in the library and e-books. Just click on any E-book to open and read.

    6. Please make sure you Log off when you are finished reading.

    7. Have fun and enjoy!

    Visit the Ocean County Library Website for Digital Materials. This include E-Books, Tumblebooks, and Acess Videos for Kids.



    Information About Optional Activities

    Below you will find a list of resources to use at home.  Please note that these are not the required assignments; however, these resources are supplemental activities that can help your child complete the remote learning activities.  I will add more this week!



    click here to sign up for scholastic reading activities.  You will need to sign-up for a free membership.  



    Footstep Phonics Word Families Videos

    -Students practice building words to contruct sentences using word families.


    Jack Hartmann Videos

    -Letters and Sounds


    Click below to practice the Kindergarten sight word list: 

    -Sight Words




















    1 backpack

    All other in-class supplies will be provided!


    Suggested Supplies for At-Home Use (Homework and Projects)



    Glue Sticks



     Wish List for the Classroom


    Play-Doh (Will be used for forming letters, numbers, and sight words)

    Washable Markers

    Glue Sticks

    Dry Erase Markers

    Thank you!

     Each student will receive an ID number on the first day of school. This ID number is used for buying lunch in the cafeteria. The number links to their account, which you can add money to at any time.  I will provide lunch cards with ID numbers for the children to use until they have their numbers memorized. If you choose to send lunch money in with your child instead, please have it clearly labeled with your child's name. You will be notified when the balance is getting low. 


    Friendly Reminder

    Please write your child's name on the envelope when sending in lunch money.

    Thank you!




    Academic Skills 

    The following list includes some of the academic and social skills we will be working on during the first marking period.  I will update the skills throughout the year.  

    Social Skills
    Following Class/School Procedures
    Taking Turns

    Literacy/Reader's Workshop
    We are Readers
    Introduction to fiction and nonfiction literature
    Fundations Phonics Program
    Letter Identification and Sounds
    Word Study
    Rhyming Words
    Sight Words
    I, like, to, can, we, see, me, my, likes, a

    Writer's Workshop
    Drawing details pictures
    Sounding out words
    Reading and writing numbers

    Social Studies

    Health Topics

    Students will develop and demonstrate an awareness of healthy habits (use clean tissues, wash hands)
    Students will learn and practice healthy habits related to personal hygiene and independent self-help skills.
    Students will learn about the importance of exercising and how eating healthy foods helps keep us healthy.




  •  Lunch - 11:45-12:15                       


    Special Area Class Schedule


    Monday- Computers