Welcome to 3rd Grade!





    Suggested Supplies


    • 1 five subject spiral notebook with attached pocket folders or 3 single subject notebooks
    • 2 composition notebooks
    • post-it notes,
    • pencil box or bag
    •  colored pencils
    • 2 pocket folders
    • sharpened pencils
    • tissues

    All students will receive a red communication folder and students in grades 2-5 will receive planners courtesy of the PTN.


      Google Classroom

    If you have not already, please log in to your school gmail  account using...
    1. email: studentID@jacksonsd.org (ID#s can be found when you log in to Genesis)

    2.  You should have a password set from last school year.  It is recommended to set it to an easy 8 digit password for easy remembering.

        3. You will find an invite from me to join our Google Classroom this week.

    I will continue to update our classpage with school information moving forward.
    Enjoy the rest of your summer!
    Ms. Livio



    Giuseppe and Cooper say, "Woof...have a great school year!"
    Giuseppe and Cooper