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    Dear Parents,
    I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving!  Next week we will have our Holiday Gift Shop.  We are signed up for Thursday, December 12 at 11-11:30.  Please use the form that was sent home to mark who your child will be buying gifts for.  This helps the staff when trying to assist the children.
     Class Wish List- Goldfish Snack Crackers, Lysol Wipes, Large Ziploc Bags, Magic Eraser, Paper Towels, Sandwich Size Ziploc Bags, balls for recess, jump ropes for recess, napkins, brown paper bags (lunch size)
    Weekly Academic Schedule
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    Fundations- Students are learning about double consonants, which we call the bonus letter words.  Words that end is _ss, _ff, _ll
    Writer's Workshop- We are beginning to learn how to write a How To story.  Students will learn how to explain how to do something they are good at in sequence steps.

    Reading Workshop Skill-  We are learning how to be word detectives.  Students get to be detectives and locate tricky words.  They then need to figure out how to solve the tricky word using different reading strategies.

    Grammar- Basic parts of a sentence.

    Math- We are moving onto Topic 4 which focuses on subtration facts to 20.
    Science or Social Studies (changes monthly according to unit being covered)

    Social Studies:  We are learning all about culture and family traditions.

    Thank you and have a great week!
    Mrs. Barry

    Email: lbarry@jacksonsd.org
    •  Wish list-box of tissues for the classroom
     Homework Routine-(Subject to Change)
    • 15 minute reading-sign log
    • Review words their way and high frequency words daily 
    • 1 Math Worksheet/Literacy Sheet daily-Social Studies/Science review sheets on given days
    • NO HOMEWORK ON FRIDAYS-Enjoy Your Weekend!
     Specials: All specials are from 9:30-10:10
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