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      Back to School Letter 2020-2021

    District Calendar 

    Class Groups: 

    Group 1 will attend in person instruction on Mondays, Wednesdays, and alternating Fridays.

    Group 2 will attend in person instruction classes on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and alternating Fridays.

    Google Meets for Remote Instruction will take place at 2:10 each day. You are required to attend if it is your day of remote learning. This will count as your attendance for the day.


    Information about how we will communicate and how instruction will take place. 

    REMIND: Parents, please join Remind as soon as possible and follow these PDF instructions Remind Instructions

    Class Webpage This page will give you general information about the subjects and topics we are learning, provide links to other resources as well as other notices and information. Please look at this page as often as possible, since information will change from time to time.

    Email: This can also be used for communication throughout the day when needed for both parents and students. 

    Google Classroom: Our google classroom is extremely important. This is where assignments and lessons will be posted throughout the year and where students will submit their assignments. 

    Google Meet: Google Meetings will be held each day of the week. The link to access the google meet will be found in google classroom.Google Meets are used to track attendance.

     Here are some riddles that have a Back-to-School Theme. I hope they make you smile!! 

    Q: What do elves do after school?
    A: Gnomework!

    Q: What has forty feet and sings?
    A: The school choir!

     Q: Who is the king of all school supplies?
    A: The Ruler!

    Q: Why did the M&M want to go to school?
    A: He wanted to be a Smartie!

    Q: Why was the teacher wearing sunglasses to school?
    A: Her students were so bright!

    Q: What is the world's tallest building?
    A: The Library, because it has the most stories!

    Q: Why are music teachers good at baseball?
    A: They have the perfect pitch!

    Q: Why was the Math book so sad?
    A: It had so many problems!

    Q: Why did the kid eat his homework?
    A: The teacher said it was a piece of cake!

    Q: Where do pencils go on vacation?
    A: Pencil-vania!

    Q: What do books do in the winter?
    A: They put on a jacket!

    Q: What is the smartest insect?
    A: A spelling bee!

    Q: What did the spider make online?
    A: A website!

    Q: What school requires you to dropout in order to graduate?
    A: Sky Diving school!

    Q: Why is Alabama the smartest state in the USA?
    A: Because it has 4 A's and one B!




  • This is the link for the Parent University 2020.

    Parent University 2020

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  • Reminder: Please make sure that you fill out the health questionaire 30 minutes prior to leaving for school. 

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  • Lunch: Our lunchtime will be at 10:55 and there will not be a snack time in class this year. We will take orders for lunch each morning and ask student if they will like a hot or cold lunch.

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  • Chrome Books: It is your responsibility to bring your charged Chromebook back and forth each day.

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