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      Back to School Letter 2020-2021

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     Hello Parents:

    I am excited about our new phase of learning that begins on Monday, March 1st. Also, thank you for all of your patience, help, and understanding as we move through the next phase. I cannot wait to see all of those wonderful smiles in-person on Monday. 

    Here are a few reminders:

    • We are continuing to celebrate Read Across America this week. On Monday, March 1st it is Pajama Day. Students may wear their comfy, favorite pajamas. I will be doing a “Horton Hears A Who” activity in class. On Tuesday, March 2nd, students can wear crazy socks to school. Lastly, on Friday, March 5th it is School Spirit Day and students can wear school colors.


    • Starting on Monday, March 1st, students will have a snack in place of lunch each day. The school is offering an apple or cheese stick. The children can also bring their own snack from home.


    • We will be having a special each day. From March 1st-March 19th our special will be Art. Please have your child bring back the Art folder that was given to them at the beginning of the year. There is also a bag of pastels that Mrs. Thomas gave to the children and she would also like those to be returned.


    • Students will also need to make sure they have their Math books, SEL Journals, Reading Binders, Take-Home Binders and any other materials that need to come back to school. They will still take home some of their materials each day, in case of us returning to Full-Remote Instruction.


    Thank you and if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me. Again, thank you for everything!   Ms. Gonzalez

    Information about how we will communicate and how instruction will take place. 

    REMIND: Parents, please join Remind as soon as possible and follow these PDF instructions Remind Instructions

    Class Webpage This page will give you general information about the subjects and topics we are learning, provide links to other resources as well as other notices and information. Please look at this page as often as possible, since information will change from time to time.

    Email: This can also be used for communication throughout the day when needed for both parents and students. mfgonzalez@jacksonsd.org

    Google Meets: There will continue to be a Google Meet each day Monday thru Thursday, 2PM to 3PM. Students will be ask to attend certain Meets. 

    Winter Riddles

    Q: What falls in the winter but never gets hurt?
    A: Snow!

    Q: What is a snowman’s favorite smell?
    A: Carrots!

     Q: How did Princess Elsa fall off her sled?

    A: She let it go, let it go!

    Q: What are the names of December’s three older brothers?

    A: A cember, B cember, and C cember.

    Q: What is a snowman’s favorite drink?
    A: Iced tea

    Q: Why do birds fly south for the winter?
    A: Because it’s too far to walk.

    Q: These keep your hand warm and nice
    and protect them from cold and ice. What are they?

    A: Gloves!

    Q: Why do polar bears always scratch themselves?
    A: Because of the ArcTICKS!

    Q: What kind of bicycle does a penguin ride?

    A: An Ice-Cycle!

    Q: Where do snowmen go dancing?
    A: The Snow Ball!



  • Reminder: Please make sure that you fill out the health questionaire 30 minutes prior to leaving for school. 

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  • Snack: Our snacktime will be at 11:00 each day. Students can bring in their own snacks or can have an apple or cheese stick from the cafeteria. There will also be lunches available for students to take home.

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  • Chrome Books: It is your responsibility to bring your charged Chromebook back and forth each day.

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