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              Fall Riddles:

    Q: What do you use to mend a jack-o-lantern?
    A: A pumpkin patch.

    Q: Who won the skeleton beauty contest?
    A: No body.

    Q: Who helps the little pumpkins cross the road to school?
    A: The Crossing Gourd.

    Q: Who lives in the scary Hundred Acre Wood?
    A: Winnie the Boo.

    Q: What did one leaf say to another?
    A: I’m falling for you.

    Q: Why are all Superman costumes tight?
    A: They’re all size S.

    Q: Why do birds fly south in the fall?

    A: Because it’s too far to walk.



  • We will be taking our mixed fast fact quizzes on Tuesday November 20th.

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  • Math Test Topic 3 - Use Strategies and Properties to mutiply by 1-digit Numbers.  Monday, November 19th.



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  • Math is Fun!

    Please check under student resources for math websites for practice. 

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  •  Reader’s Workshop: The summary on our reading logs is not completed at home. It is completed on Monday mornings as part of Morning Meeting.

    Our Character Unit is coming to a close and we will be taking our Post Assessment on Tuesday, November 20th and Wednesday, November 21st.


     Nonfiction Reading




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  • Writer’s Workshop:

    We are currently working finishing our Realistic Fiction stories and will be revising and editing them. Students have been adding dialogue to their writing and using adjectives to make their writing more interesting.

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  • In Social Studies, we are currently working on Unit 1: How is the State of NJ defined by its history and cultural communities?

    Students will be learning about:

    • reasons why NJ is called the Garden State
    • natural resources and industries found in NJ
    • reasons why people have come to NJ
    • the Lenape tribe and their impact on NJ
    • the impact of NY and Philly on the development of NJ

    **Students will create timeline slideshows of NJ then and now at the conclusion of the unit.


    4 regions of New Jersey

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