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    Are you ready to find something GREAT to read?

    Our library is a place where you can find books to read for enjoyment, information to help you learn & grow your brain, and new technology to explore. Plan to learn a lot about science, as well! We will be raising rainbow trout from eggs to fry and conducting our own experiments with our aquaponics system.

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    During the 2019-2020 school year:

    • Grades K-2 will have a class in the library every week.
    • Fifth grade will focus on aquaponics for for the first trimester.
    • Fourth grade will focus on aquaponics for the second trimester.
    • Third grade will focus on aquaponics for the third trimester.
    • Grades 3-5 will have book exchanges every other week.

    Classes are scheduled to visit the library on these days:

    • Monday: Longo, O'Brien, Langer, Kravitz
    • Tuesday: Brenner, Agoston, Morrow, Azzolini
    • Wednesday: Garnett, Murray, Cortez
    • Thursday: Zecca, D'Ambrosio
    • Friday: Schaller, Brucculeri, Berger






    Elms Elementary School has an aquaponics garden next to the IMC.  To see more photos, or to see a list of electronic books about plants, fish, and ecocystems, please click here.


    Our tank now has goldfish, tilapia, and koi. These fish will fertilize our plants. We will share our harvest with our school community as we learn about farming, plant growth, fish, ecosystems, and sustainablity. 


    Elms also participates in the Trout In the Classroom program. This fall, trout eggs will be delivered to our tank and the students will help care for the fingerlings, eventually releasing them into the Toms River. 

     The IMC goals are to:

    • teach the students to use information effectively
    • teach the students to use information responsibly
    • encourage students to be life-long readers
    • encourage life-long learning
    • provide support to the teachers and the curriculum 


    To contact the Media Specialist, please email: skonopack@jacksonsd.org

    Click to see a video about returning library books.


      You may also enjoy  The Joy of Reading: "Happy" by Pharrell Williams.