• Greetings parents and students.  I hope you are all doing as well as can be expected.  Happy Spring Break!!!  Great job on these first weeks of remote learning.  There will be NO ADDITIONAL assignments over the break.  However, if you fell behind you can use the time off to complete any missing assignments.  Please check your grades in genesis to see what is missing.  On Mon. 4/20 we will have a google hangout to get restarted with our remote learning.  Please see your google classroom with the exact time for your class. 

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    For assignments that require the textbook, just a reminder that links to the PDF book can be found in the Student Resources section of this page.  We will be using the Unit 5 PDF for the next several chapters.  

        If you have any questions please email me at jrpelano@jacksonsd.org.


  • World History Period 1 Room 220

    Honors World History  Period 2 Room 220

    World History Period 4 Room 220