• Welcome to Psychology at Jackson Memorial High School.


    Welcome to Psychology!

    -For AP psychology, check the school's summer work page for assignments.

    -There is a  packet to be completed and turned in on the first day of class.

    -Use the textbook and read pages 768-824  to complete it. 

    The following school supplies are needed: 

    • a  binder
    • loose leaf paper
    • 1  folder
    • pen and pencil
    • index cards

    Please come to class prepared. You have to do your homework conscientiously, study for tests and quizzes, ask questions and/ or come for help as soon as you begin to feel lost!  

    Come to class to have fun and let's make this a wonderful year!




Class Schedule

  • Mme. Mousavi's email: nmousavi@jacksonsd.org


    Period 1: AP Psychology A and B

    Period 2: AP Psychology A and B

    Period 4: Psychology

    Office Hours during common lunch 

    Madame Mousavi’s Office Hours: 

    Tuesday B-Lunch

    Thursday B-Lunch

    Friday B-Lunch