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    Welcome to the 2020-21 school year!

    For Semester 1: All assignments and announcements will be posted on my Google Classroom page for each class. Please refer to the announcements posted there. Please email me with any questions - Mr. Harrington

    Here is a link to the Classroom for Each Class:

    Classroom Period 2

    Classroom Period 3

    The topics/lessons we will study each day are posted in the calendar.

    Here are some helpful links:

    Positive Physics



    Khan Academy


    Name: Mr. Jon Harrington. 

    Course: Physics

    Room: 144






  • In-Person

    Period 2: Physics Room 144  (8:28-9:28)

    Period 3: Physics Room 144  (9:36-10:36)



    Period 2: 12:40-1:00

    Period 3: 1:00-1:20