• Welcome to the World of Chemistry!!!

     The Elements

    Teacher: Mr. Edward McDonald

    Courses:  Chemistry and Honors Chemistry 1

    The study of chemistry allows students to gain an understanding of the linkage between the world we can see and the world we cannot see, becoming better problem solvers in the process.  A brief description of the subject includes the following:  An Introduction to Chemistry, Matter, Chemical Foundations, Nomenclature, Measurements and Calculations, Chemical Composition, Chemical Reactions, Chemical Quantities and Modern Atomic Theory

    Contact Information: emcdonald@jacksonsd.org

     Phone: 732-833-4670

    Please note: Homework and learning assignments will be posted on Google Classroom.

    Extra Help: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday:  9:56 AM-10:24 AM


Class Schedule

  • Honors Chemistry 1:  Period 2:  Room C136  

    Chemistry:  Periods 3 & 4:  Room C136