Welcome to Ms. Cairone's 11th and 12th grade Health and Physical Education Page! We have moved toa hybrid learning schedule. The Google Classroom Codes are posted under the Physical Education tab and are listed for each specific class. If you need to reach me you can do so through Google Classroom or send me an email to jcairone@jacksonsd.org. 



  • Each class period is broken into two groups. On the days you are not physically in school, you will have a google meet at your designated class time. 


    Homeroom: 7:15-7:20


    Period 1 A / Period 1 B

    In-School: 7:20-8:20

    Remote: 12:20-12:40


    Period 2 A / Period 2 B

     In-School: 8:28-9:28

    Remote: 12:40-1:00


    Period 4 A / Period 4 B

     In-School: 10:44-11:44

    Remote: 1:20-1:40