• Welcome to USII and USII Honors History and Man's Inhumanity to Man.  My name is Mr.  Herrmann.  

    I can be reached at pjherrmann@jacksonsd.org

    If you are an Apex student you can email at my school email address above. 

    All information and resources we will be using will be provided via google classroom or within the Apex course work.

    This is a general information page.  I will be sending links via school email to each student listed to gain direct access to our google classroom.  Within our google classroom will be the premanet link to daily google meets.  Here is some general expectations for every student listed to work with me. 

    • Students need to be logged into the class at the time listed on there schedule.  Just like being in school everyday, you must be on time.
    • You must be dressed school appropriate for class.  Even though we are home, we will be visible to each other.
    • Treat each classmate with the respect you demand for yourself.   The respect I give to you I will expect towards myeslf in return.  Their will be no tolerence for intolerence.
    •  Just because we are remote does not mean that acdemic expectations are lower as well as personal behavior.  
    • I will fully explain and elaborate on expections academically and beahvior wise when we meet in cyberspace.

    As long as we are patient with each other, respectful, and open to this new experience, I am confident we will learn, grow, and have some fun.  I look forward to meeting everyone.

    Mr. Herrmann

  • Fall 2020 Remote

    Period 1:   USII History

    Period 2:  USII Honors History Honors

    Period 4:  Man's Inhumanity to Man

    Sociology (Apex)

    Pyschology (Apex)

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