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     Welcome to 2021-2022!! 


    The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you.
    B.B. King

      All Class Lessons  will be posted on Google Classroom!


     Video: Back to School Night

     Back to school night Presentation (click link) 


    Ms Swenticky's Class Schedule


    Pd 1 Conceptual Science  ( 7:20-8:40)


    Pd 2 Biology ( 8:46- 10:06)


    Pd 3  Biology ( 10:12- 12:12)

                  D Lunch 11:42- 12:12


    ** You should have already received an invite to the Google classroom - please accept before September 9, 2021!!

    Read any announcements!

    Class Outline Posted on Class Page!

    All class information will be posted on the Google classroom!

    Pd 4 Professional Pd (12:18- 1:38)



    **All curriculum can be viewed online under curriculum resources:  Rubicon Atlas **


    • Please go to student resources 

    • If absent, a student should view the classes- Google classpage to get assignments, notes, announcements, due dates, etc.

      They will follow the District Policy within the alloted deadlines when making up their work and submit for credit on the Google Classpage!

      Tests, virtual labs  or alternate assignments, quizzes, classwork, homework, Edpuzzle, will be made up on google classroom and submitted.

       NO WORK is to be SHARED to my email!
      All completed work should be turned into your classes Google classroom for Credit!
    • Practice makes perfect!

      A  90-100

      B  80-89

      C  72-79

      D  66-71

      F  Below 65


      I can be contacted at my email: dmswenticky@jacksonsd.org 

      I will be able to answer any parents, guardians, or students questions or concerns via email.

      I will do my best to answer promptly within 24 hours.
























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